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Pave the Way for an Easier Life

“Life works best with fewer non-negotiables.”

Non-negotiables are stances you take where you’re not willing to budge an inch. You probably have non-negotiables with your partner, kids, parents and your job. They can be things that you want, things that you don’t want, or, your opinions and points of view.

Only you can decide where to draw the line. There are certainly things in your life that, no matter what, are non-negotiable. End of discussion! But if your list of non-negotiables is long then you may be making life more difficult than necessary.

Challenge your non-negotiables. Are they all really set in stone? Remember, sometimes you need to be willing to give a little to receive greater harmony and good will.

©Jane Powell – Meditations for Women

Today’s Affirmation: My list of “non-negotiables” is in check.


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