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Face Change With Courage and Strength

“Adventures, especially into new territory, are scary.”

Are you anxious about a new job, a new responsibility, a house move or some other life-changing event? Relax! New adventures make everyone nervous. When you reach beyond your comfort zone, away from what’s familiar and comfortable, anxious feelings are inevitable.

At such times, remember, fear is connected with joy.

We need new experiences to keep our minds fresh. We need new opportunities to feed the creativity of our souls. We need new adventures for personal growth.

Recognize that, through these experiences, you discover new parts of yourself. You might just reveal strength, courage and resilience you didn’t know you had, and how great is that?

So, reach past your fear and celebrate what your new adventures may bring!

©Jane Powell – Meditations for Women

Today’s Affirmation: I’ve reached past my fears and now I’m embracing new adventures.



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