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Heal Past Hurts

“You were born with the capacity to believe.”

You were born with a capacity for great courage, for trust in your surroundings and for faith in yourself. But something may have happened along the way that changed this positive capacity.

If you were criticized at an early age and denied encouragement by those you trusted you could learn to believe that something was wrong with you. Over time, such beliefs may appear as the absolute truth – a definition of your identity.

Guess what? It’s simply not true! You are perfect and it’s time to act that way. As hard as it may be to regain your self-esteem, you can forget and forgive what happened when you were young. You can regain the courage, trust and faith that are your birthright, by recognizing that, although youthful disillusionment can’t be changed, it can be overcome.

©Jane Powell – Meditations for Women

Today’s Affirmation: I have great courage, trust in my surroundings, and faith in myself.


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