Forever Love

Even though we are miles and miles apart,
You have managed to steal my heart,
I long to lay in your arms,
So you can work your magical charms.

I could feel you were the one deep in my soul,
Finding everlasting love was my goal,
You have captured my heart like a pirate in high seas,
Please take me in your arms would you please?

To heights like I’ve never known,
Make me gasp and make me groan,
Honey, I love you with all my heart,
Forever together, let’s never part.

Jason, make sweet love to me,
In your arms I want to be,
We will make sweet love together
As light as a feather!

No matter what

Remember i,ll always love you.
No matter how far away you are.
Just another year.
And i can hold you in my arms.

When i visit you in that awful place
I can,t help but cry.
Knowing not long after i get there.
I have to already say goodbye.

I reach out sometimes when i,m asleep.
wishing to feel you near.
But then i realize your side of the bed is empty.
And again come the tears.

I want you to trust me not to cheat.
Because if i tried too all i would see is your face.
And know that, i would never let another’s touch
Ever take your place.

The smile you give when you tell me,you love me
Or Your gorgeous blue eyes.
No matter what it is about you.
Your still the love of my life.

I will pray for your safety.
Until you return to me.
I,ll ignore every other man.
Because your love is all i need.

Bars may stand in between us.
But never can they stop our love.
I want you to know i,ll stand by you.
As long as it takes to feel your touch.

So when you feel like you can,take it.
And thinking about me is all you do.
Just remember i might be miles away.
All I can do is thinking about you.

You Are…

You are…the sunshine that warms my day
You are…the moonlight that lightens my way
you are…the smile on my face
You are…the one i want to embrace
You are…the thoughts in my mind
You are…truly one of a kind
You are…my one true love
You are…sent from above
You are…a whisper in the wind
You are…my best friend
You are…a gentle lover
You are…my protective cover
You are…my everything

Shooting Star

As I lay in bed
I look out thru the window and see something bright
It was such a lovely sight
When you see that light
It brings enjoyment and delight
Cause if what they say is true
Then I wish you could be me
Oh what a long list I can make,
Are you willing to listen and wait?
I wish that he was here,
So i can say I love you
I wish to have him stand in front of me once more,
And surely this time I will never let go
I wish to have him laying near,
So we can cuddle when I have fear
I wish he was standing in front of me
So i can kiss him and say I miss you
To the shooting star that passed by that night
The only wish I want granted tonight
Is my wish to be with my friend, my love, my hero

So Hard!

So hard to say it…
and difficult to type,
Made my fingers paralyzed,
Not to make it hard on you
Not to make you suffer
like I do.
I smiled with tears in my eyes
Sent you a flower
to stay with you never die
I walked away thinking
we are still friends
But this feeling didn’t seem right
Something did really deep inside
Tears dropped so hard
not from my eyes
Tears looked so red
from my heart I realized
Try to forget my pains. Go!
Fly away never look back
Keep flying don’t stop..
you found your way..
How can I fly?
You were my wings
How can I cry?
My tears dried up
When you took away with you
my feelings..
Yet..Life goes
But Nothing Is Ever Be the Same Again!

Walk Away

If you don’t want me, just walk away,
I have more pride than to beg you to stay.
If you can’t be true just move on,
I’ll close my eyes and picture you gone.
My sunshine has set, now and forever,
I thought my heart, you wouldn’t sever.
You broke my heart and took a good friend,
To my hopes this put a quick end.
You and I a short lived glory,
Now I will be forever sorry.

My Desire

My heart is filled with love anew
For so many years I’ve been so blue
All it took was a glance, A playful smile
And I was destined to go that extra mile
Once you kissed me, you sealed my fate
To be your captive in a heavenly state
A touch, a caress, a joyful kiss
Is something I long for and truly miss
You took my heart and cuddled it
Gave me a chance to show you true romance
My happiness rest in your hands
You must decide if I’ll be your man
Your beauty, your grace can get you anyone
Only you will know if I’ll call you hon
My desire for you is truly there
You must choose me if you dare