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Stop Letting the Unexpected Control You

“Don’t let the unexpected control your attitude.”

You wake up in the morning feeling great about your day. Then, you get in your car and it won’t start, or you spill coffee on your new skirt just before a meeting, or the babysitter calls to say she’ll be late.

And, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. One after another, unexpected things happen until you want to scream!

Wait a minute; force yourself to relax and recognize the unexpected for what it is – one of life’s surprises. Take a deep breath and rationally consider your options. Choose the most appropriate way to deal with the situation, then move on.

When you slow down and take this calm approach, you’re empowering yourself with control. And, soon, your attitude will brighten back to the eagerness and energy with which you originally greeted the dawn.

©Jane Powell – Meditations for Women

Today’s Affirmation: I am in control of my attitude.

Self improvement

Cost of Controlling the Uncontrollable

“Save your energy for changing the things you can control.“

Many everyday events are unavoidable and beyond our power to control.

Things like taxes you can complain about, but that doesn’t make them go away. Traffic jams happen, especially, it seems, when you’re running late. Bad haircuts are a part of life and happen to all of us.

It’s better to accept with grace, as part of the journey, the things you cannot control. When tempted to control the uncontrollable, remember, the only thing you know you can always control is your response.

For example, in a traffic jam you can choose to honk your horn and scream, or you can choose to turn on the radio, listen to music, and calmly wait for traffic to clear. When you stop stewing over uncontrollable situations, you keep the vital energy you need to maintain a healthier, happier and in-balance you.

©Jane Powell – Meditations for Women

Today’s Affirmation: I have the energy to control the things I can control.




Even though we are miles apart
You are never far from my heart
I loved you then
I love you now
It’s always when and
Never how
Take me back to yesterday
All the wonderful things you had to say
I loved you then
I love you now
It’s always when
And never how
I see your eyes
I feel you near
Although you’re not
Really here


Key to my Dreams

There is no key to dreams, but I do have a clue:
A dream isn’t a dream if it’s one without you.

Dreams are a time, when you let your thoughts unwind.
Dreams are when, you’re on my mind.
Dreams are when I think of what you say
Dreams are dreams, just dreaming the night away…

In dreams you can experience just about everything…
In dreams you could dream all the things you’ve never seen.
But what really are, these things we call dreams?
Are they facts, imagination, or overflowing banks of endless streams?

In dreams it can all be perfect and good
But only in real life…only if it could

When reality is so distant, and dreams are, oh so near
All you have to do is shut your eyes, and lose all of your fears.
Just sit back, relax and close your eyes,
You’ll see your mind all the things you never realized.

Dreams are not nightmares.
Dreams are always sweet.
Dreams are a wonderful present.
Dreams are a short-lasting treat.

I have found the key to my dreams, through an everlasting clue.
It is the sweetest of sweetest dreams, because the key is you.

another nice poem from womball


Jacky’s concert

Last December, Jacky Cheung wowed fans at the Putra Indoor Stadium, Bukit Jalil, with foru consecutive nights of sell out performances during the Malaysian leg of his Jacky Cheung ½ Century Tour. Now, due to overwhelming demand. the Hong Kong God of Song is set to return with a more spectacular stage setup and performance.

This time, the hong kong entertainer has engaged the help of renowned stage designer Zhou Bing Kun, who was also responsible for the Beijing Olympics 2008. Zhou’s ground breaking design goes beyond the restrictions of traditional stage with the forwards, backwards and a 360’ motion of the LED screen-cum-stage.

Besides projecting visuals, the special stage can be split, extended, raised, rotated while also being able to withstand the weight of performers.

Constructed out of special transparent material, the stage also reflects the lights shining on it. This coming encore show in May is Cheung’s last overseas stop before returning to Hong Kong.

Jacky Cheung ½ Century Tour- Malaysia will be staged at Stadium Merdeka, KL on May 12 at 8pm. This deluxe version of the show is organized by UnUsUal production. Tickets are selling at Rm688, RM488, RM388, RM328, RM298, Rm168, and RM128 (with additional RM3 processing fee)


Song Fiction- Halfway around the world

I use to keep this fiction for a long a song fic wrote by a friend of mine as we like Westlife.. Hope everyone like it..and give me some comment…

Baby I will soon be leaving
And I know that you are feeling down
But every week I’ll send a letter
To let you know my love will never change
I promise you I always feel the same

Amy sat down in the sofa next to Shane, and he smiled at her as she did. One whole month? She sighed, and he nodded. Yeah, afraid so babe. But you know that I’ll call you and talk to you every day, don’t you? Shane looked into her blue eyes. Amy nodded, and he kisses her softly. Good
She sat all snuggled up in his arms, wanting their short but precious time together to last longer. He looked down at the girl in his arms and felt how his heart skipped a beat. This was the worst part about being in a band and being away so much, you were so far away from the people you love. A smile grew on Shane’s face as he thought about the surprise he had in store for her in a few weeks. “What are you smiling about?” she asked and sat up . Oh nothing, he said innocently and she raised an eyebrow. Yeah right ! she laughed. But I can’t tell, Amy. That would ruin the surprise. He said and saw how her eyes shined. A surprise? For who? She asked and Shane laughed waving his finger. Nope, that’s secret. Fine, be that way, she said, crossing her arms across her chest. “ Aww, honey! I can’t tell but it’s good. I promise that much, Shane said, pulling her close to him.

Okay! I’ll trust you then, she said. Shane grinned and started ticking her. Cool ! he said. Shane!! Knock it off ! she laughed, trying to get him to stop. They both laughed as they fell off the sofa and down on the floor. Shane ! Stop, please! You’re killing me here! She laughed, panting for air. He stopped and started kissing her instead, oh, much better this, Amy smiled at him and he brushed a few strands of hair from hr face. I know, she said and he grinned down at her. Shane smiled and kissed her again.

So remember in your heart
Baby when we are apart
There’s no need for crying
Coz even if I am

Halfway around the world
That won’t stop me from loving you
Halfway around the world
Still be feeling the way I do
Now I wanna hold you baby
Coz I’m gonna miss you like crazy
Even if I’m halfway around the world

Are you sure, Amy? Shane asked and she nodded in return. Yeah you’ll be much better off if you go there alone. So will I, she said, looking down. Tears started to form in her eyes, and she bit her lip to hold them back. Amy, my angle, don’t cry, Shane lifted her chin and kissed her gently. She smiled, but her tears still fell from her eyes. Sorry , I can’t help it. I wish you could stay for a while longer. He nodded, and wrapped his arms around her, I know, babe, I know. I wish I could stay too, but I can’t I’m gonna miss you so much, Amy . Shane whispered, and felt her body gently shiver as she cried. I’m gonna miss you too, I love you, she whispered back. And I love you too, Amy. More than anything. She looked up at him and into his hazel eyes. She wanted his face to stay fresh in her mind when he left, even though she knew she could never on her life forget. I have to go, the plane isn’t gonna wait forever, she said and hid the sadness in his voice with a little laugh. Amy smiled and nodded, yeah, you better get going. He turned to walk out the door, but stopped and came back to kiss her again.

Sure you don’t want to go to the airport with me? He asked again and she nodded. Yes, much better for us all if we just say goodbye here, she answered. Ok remember that I’ll be back here soon, a month will pass quickly. And I’ll call you every day and make sure you’re all right and doing fine. I love you so much, Shane said, looking into her blue eyes and blinking back the tears in his own. I love you very much, Shane. I’ll be missing you and I’ll be right here when you come back. You can call me anytime you want, day or night, I’ll be here. Goodbye and have a safe journey, she said and kissed his cheek. I know. Goodbye honey, take care of yourself. I love you, he said and hugged her so tight she could barely breathe. I love you too , she whispered as he put her down. Shane put his bag into the waiting taxi, and waved at her standing at the door. She waved back as tears ran from her eyes. He got in the taxi and it drove away, and Amy knew she wouldn’t see him for another month.

Baby when the miles are growing
You and I will still be growing strong
No matter what your friends are saying
Don’t give up on what you’re waiting for
Coz one day I’ll be knocking on your door

Three weeks had passed, and Shane called her every night. I’m coming home in just a week, and I can’t wait to see you again! He told her during one of their calls. Me neither, Amy repled happily as she stroked her stomach. She had the best news for him, but she didn’t want to tell him over the phone. And I’m sorry that I can’t make it back to your birthday, but we’ll celebrate when I do come home, Shane said, smiling to himself. He tried to imagine her face when he knocked on her door in almost two days sure we will, Shay, Nicky motioned for Shane to get a move on from the door, and he nodded in return. Listen, babe, I ‘ve gotta go now, but I’ll talk to you tomorrow. I miss you, he said into the phone and could almost hear her beautiful smile. Okay, have fun then ! I miss you too, she said. Bye Amy, I love you. I love you too, Shane, Bye! She said, and they hung up. Amy dumped down on the sofa, and smiled happily to herself. The doctor’s words still repeating in her mind,
Congratulation Ms Kinder, you’re pregnant! She couldn’t be happier, and stroked her stomach whispering softly. Can’t wait for your daddy to come home, so I can tell him. He’ll be so thrilled!

Come on mate! The plane’s leaving in a few minutes, and you don’t wanna be late do you? Nicky said, playfully smacking Shane over his head. No I don’t ! Can’t wait to see her again, she’ll be so surprised ! he said as they boarded their flight back home. This was his birthday surprise for her, he wasn’t going to be away for her birthday. He was coming home. Shane looked his watch, June 21st. in just 2 days time he’d once again look into her beautiful blue eyes, and see her sweet smile.

So remember in your heart
Baby when we are apart
There’s no need for crying
Coz even if I am

Halfway around the world
That won’t stop me from loving you
Halfway around the world
Still be feeling the way I do
Now I wanna hold you baby
Coz I’m gonna miss you like crazy
Even if I’m halfway around the world

Amy woke up and saw the sun shining outside. Looks like I’ve been a good girl this yer, she told herself and smiled. Her lips were smiling but her eyes were sad. Oh, if only Shane could be here, she thought as she stood y the window looking out. She sighed, and headed for the bathroom. She came out an hour later, and went downstairs to make herself a birthday breakfast. Just as she was taking the kettle off, there was a knock on the door. Who could that be? She wondered as she went to open. Amy opened the door and let out a little scream of surprise. Shane stood there smiling at her with a huge bouquet of red roses. Surprise Amy ! Happy Birthday, honey!! He said, and hugged her tight. Shane ! You ‘re here?

Aren’t you supposed to be in Asia ? she asked as they hugged. Yeah, but I kinda lied to you when I left. We weren’t supposed to stay for a month, just 3 weeks. And I couldn’t stay away on your birthday, he explained, and kissed her passionately. You are so wonderful ! I love you! She said, letting him in. Shane laughed and kissed her again. I love you too. And I’ve got a present for you. Amy looked at him with big curious eyes. What is it ? she asked. You’ll see. Come with me.

If I could you know that I would find a way
To stay for good but I must go now
I wanna hold you baby
I’m gonna miss you like crazy even if I’m….

He took her hand and led her into the living room. “Here”, he said, pulling out a chair. Sit down, Amy looked at him, but did as he asked her. Shane put the roses on the table, and knelt down in front of her. Oh , she gasped, holding one hand over her mouth. He smiled up at her and took a little blue box out of his pocket. Amy, darling, he said, taking her hand. Being away from you so much have made me realize something. I can’t live without you, and wouldn’t want to spend my life without you in it. I love you so much, and I never want to be without you. Will you marry me, honey ? Shane looked at her and smiled. I…I… Yes, she stuttered and smiled back at him. He opened the box to reveal a gorgeous silver ring with a diamond shaped like a heart, then he slipped it on her finger and kissed her hand. Shane, it’s beautiful ! she said, standing up. Can’t compare to you in a million years, he said, and kissed her softly. Well, since we’re already doing this wonderful news surprise thing…” Amy looked at him, and he titled his head. What? He asked curiously. Shane, I was at the doctor;s a week or so after you left. You were? Why? You aren’t ill are you? Shane interrupted her, and took her hands. No, I’m not ill, she smiled. I’m not ill, although my mornings could be a that better, she said, looking into his eyes. A huge smile appeared on his lips, and lifted her up and swirled her around. I’m going to be a dad? He asked when he finally put her down. Yes, Shane. You are , I’m pregnant. Amy smiled when he saw his face. I don’t believe this, I couldn’t be happier!! he said, kissing her. Me neither, she smiled at him. God, how I love you Amy! Shane said, hugging his fiancée. You’ve made me so happy, no matter in the world I might be I’ll always come back to you and our child. I could be halfway around the world, and still my love for you would keep growing stronger and stronger, he said, looking into her blue eyes. Amy nodded and smiled. I know, Shane. I know… They kissed and sat down in the sofa cuddled up in each other’s arms. Shane carefully put his head on her stomach and smiled. Did yu hear me, little one? He whispered softly and Amy smiled stroking his hair. I might travel a lot, but even if I’m halfway around the world, I’m always coming back to you and your beautiful mum. I love you both more than anything else in the whole world! he looked up at Amy and she smiled down at him, You’re wonderful, Shay, she whispered. Come here, gorgeous! He said and kissed her softly.

Halfway around the world
That won’t stop me from loving you
Halfway around the world
Still be feeling the way I do
Now I wanna hold you baby
Coz I’m gonna miss you like crazy
Even if I’m halfway around the world

Halfways around the world – A Teens


The Billionaire’s Proxy- Chapter 6

Two to three days!” Robyn couldn’t hold back her alarm. “But that’s ridiculous. I can’t put my life on hold for that long. I need to be back at work tomorrow. Surely there’s some way…”

“Look, I’m no happier about the situation than you are. But short of a miracle we’re stuck together.”

He made it sound like he’d rather have all his teeth pulled. And Robyn had to agree. There was still too much unfinished business between them—too much animosity.

And yet, here was another opportunity for her to get him to sign that wretched piece of paper.

She thought briefly of the correspondence she’d seen flying across Bradley’s desk in the past couple of weeks. Of the figures he’d requested she pull up and the projections she’d reported on.

She’d have to be blind and stupid not to have worked out what Bradley had planned. Jonathan would be vehemently opposed to it. She’d even brought several of the papers with her to study tonight while wrapped in the luxury that Tautara Estate boasted before setting off for her flight to the office early tomorrow.

Whatever Bradley’s intentions, he was her boss and she had to remain within the boundaries set by her confidentiality clause. It wasn’t her place to question—not yet anyway—but to see to it that her work was carried out with the utmost efficiency. And yet, she still struggled with wanting to do what was best for WindCorp—without compromising herself or her role within the company. It was a damnably fine line to tread.

If only she could get Jon to sign the proxy over to her. Bradley hadn’t been specific in his instructions that it was to be signed over to him, although his implication had been clear. But she could wing it as long as he thought the power had been assigned to him. He’d likely not even want to see it before the meeting. Then she could use the proxy to head off Bradley before he destroyed the company.

But if she didn’t get Jon to sign the wretched paper, Bradley had made it clear she’d be without a job. If that happened she’d have to bear her parents’ disapproval once again.

She was firmly stuck between a rock and a hard place, not to mention being stuck here now with Jon. The irony of her situation wasn’t lost on her. Robyn sighed and sat in the chair opposite Jon.

“So what are we going to do?”

Jon watched as she perched on the edge of the chair, tension visible in every line of her delectable body. The worn denim of her jeans stretched across her thighs like a second skin, the designer top clinging to the soft roundness of her breasts like a lover’s caress. Like his caress. He fisted his hands in an attempt to rid himself of the tingling in his fingers—of the long ago sensation of the silken texture of her skin.

This was impossible. There was no way he could be in the close confines of the cabin and not be driven mad with the need to touch her, to coax murmurs of pleasure from the smooth column of her throat. To swallow her moans of delight as he stroked her, cupped her breasts and teased her nipples into tight buds of desire.

He may be mad as hell at her for the way she’d ended their affair, but he still wanted her.

Wanted, but wouldn’t have.

“Do?” he replied. “Try and stay as far apart from one another as possible under the circumstances.”

He got up and made for the front door, determined to increase the distance between them before he did something stupid. Like kiss her. His appetite for lunch had long since diminished, but his appetite for Robyn… That was something else entirely.


The Billionaire’s Proxy- Chapter 5

“You?” Incredulity colored his voice. “No. Besides, you don’t have the authority.”

“I will have the authority with my promotion to Junior Director of Operations.” It was company policy to let junior directors have responsibility for proxies where practicable. Jon’s father had felt it important to give his junior executives a taste of the duty they’d be expected to perform if they reached upper management in the firm.

“Jon, you can trust me to do what’s right.”

“What your boss tells you to do, you mean.”

“No, what’s right for WindCorp.” Which was in more jeopardy than Jon knew. But maybe, just maybe, she’d have a chance to head Bradley off, but only if she got the promotion—and if Jon would give her his proxy. If she was right about what Bradley had planned, she knew without a doubt that Jon would vote against his proposal. But she couldn’t divulge her concerns to Jon, not without breaching the confidentiality clause in her contract. So the only way to keep her job and save the company was to vote for him. She could do that for him. For the company.

He fixed her with a flat stare and for a second she thought she had it within her grasp.

“And if Bradley changes his mind about your promotion? I don’t think so, Robyn. No.”

“Please, Jon.” Robyn waved the sheet of paper redundantly in the air, frustration making her want to stamp her feet. She was caught between a rock and a hard place. If she straight out told Jon her suspicions, she’d lose her job. But if he didn’t agree to sign the proxy over to her, everything he and WindCorp stood for were lost. She had to try one more time. “What can I do to convince you to sign this?”

Jon stilled and faced her. Suddenly, his eyes were as cold and dark as an Antarctic winter.

“To convince me?” His voice was as deadly as fine honed steel. “Is that what Bradley told you to do? Convince me? You forget, Robyn. I’ve tasted your charms, and yes, while they’re many and deliciously varied, they’re old hat now. Besides, I’ve made it a habit, since my father foisted Bradley into my life, not to take his leavings even if he’s quite happy to take mine.”

Robyn gasped in shock. She’d heard a few insults in her time, but this really took the cake. Fury swelled within her until she could barely see straight.

“Now just a minute,” she demanded, as Jon walked past her into the spacious and well appointed sitting room. “I resent your implication that I’d sleep with you to get the proxy signed. You know things have been precarious since your father’s death. With you now incommunicado as well, everyone’s getting restless.”

“Are you quite finished?”

Her words hadn’t so much as ruffled him. If anything the look of boredom on his face told her in no uncertain terms that she was pitching at windmills. Failure settled on her shoulders with the weight of a leaden cloak.

“Yes.” More finished than he knew. But there was no point in trying to appeal to his philanthropic nature. He’d made his position patently clear.

Robyn watched in frustration as Jon picked up the bulky sat phone from the sideboard lining the living room wall and made the call that would see to the end of her dreams for promotion and saving the company. She let the deep rumble of Jon’s voice wash over her, not paying any attention to his words—until the timbre changed.

“What do you mean it’s a no-fly zone? You just dropped her off…. I see. Well, let me know the instant there’s any change.”

Jon flung her a look laced with fury as he disconnected the call.

“You’re stuck here.” He dropped down into the long sofa behind him and sighed, rubbing a hand across his face. “Why did you have to come today of all days?” he muttered, more to himself than to Robyn.

“What do you mean, stuck?”

Jon cracked a sardonic smile. Even knowing there was no humor behind it her heart skittered in her chest. She’d always been helpless in the face of his smile and the way his eyes crinkled slightly at the corners.

“Seems there’s a hush-hush visit to Tautara by some overseas president and his wife for their wedding anniversary. Turns out she read about the lodge in a magazine and arranged it as a surprise. Great timing, huh? For the duration of their stay, only aircraft engaged in the security detail are permitted to fly in the area. Orders from the Diplomatic Protection Service.” He rubbed his hand across his face again in a weary gesture. “It gets worse. The visit is expected to last two to three days.”