Exchange gifts

This year Christmas gathering with friend at KFC restaurant instead of hotel. The environment was not the same, we don’t have the christmas spirit but we just can’t help it.

Anyway, I had exchanging present at home, colleague and friends.



I hope next year i will have a nice christmas spirit and surprise as well 🙂


End of the world??

According to the Mayans their calendar ends on the 21st December 2012.

If you knew that tomorrow was the last day on your calendar what would you do?

R: “Try every pick up line known to man and see what really worked!”

N: “Stay with loved ones…what’s yours?”

What you guys think of this? Some of them believe it and of course some of them don’t, is hard to tell..only god will know what we going to happen. Precaution is better…..

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Festival of Lights

May the festival of lights
be the harbinger of joy and prosperity
As the holy occasion of Deepavali
is here and the atmosphere is filled
with spirit of mirth and love
here’s hoping this festival of beauty
brings your way, bright sparkles
of contentment, that stay with you
through the days ahead.

Wishing all the Hindu friends who celebrate Happy Deepavali as it fall on 13th Nov. Can’t wait for the holiday again and visiting my hindu friends.