Having Texas Chicken is available in KL. The first time I ate it when I was in Singapore. What so special about this? No different from KFC because is flavourful chicken both original and spicier spicy and tenders with classic sides and hard made from scratch biscuits. Speciality they have honey butter biscuit. hehe!!!



Happy Sunday


Good morning everyone, is sunday and is the 8th day of new year, is also eve of jade emperor’s birthday (17th feb ). By this day almost everyone should be back to work. This is an auspicious day fro business owners to host a company dinner and welcome back all their key staff. Friends and families can also gather together to have an auspicious dinner and to toss yee sang to celebrate the Eve of the Jade Emperor’s birthday.

Chinese who belong to the Hokkien dialect group will be busy making preparations to commence special prayers to the Jade Emperor (the god of heaven) which traditionally begin from the rat hour (11pm onwards). Offerings favoured by the Jade Emperor generally included a pair of sugar canes, incense, 7 cups of chinese tea, 7 cups of rice wine, 7 plates of fresh fruit, a roast pig, 2 bouquets of flowers. It is also customary to offer gold paper ingots into a fire offering and request for blessings to rise above any financial obstacles for the year.

All the while my parents make the preparations all this year, and I didn’t see any Hokkien group offer prayer on this day. I should have join my friends for this occasional.


Reunion dinner

Having reunion dinner at Bee Kee Restaurant. The foods was nice and everyone is enjoying it. Come back have to work more, like cleaning up again cos on first day of CNY, we can’t sweep the floor. According to the older people it will sweep away the luck.


On the first day, my mum cook a lot of foods for relatives and friends, and we all busy helping too, not to cook but cleaning up again and again. Quite a lot of relatives came on this day.



My weekend activites

Before CNY, I had done many many thing at home beside cleaning. Helping my mum to make ‘Ah Char’…my job is cutting the vegetables :p
But this need a lot of work as well. Here goes :-

types of vege included carrot, long beans, cucumber, cabbages and of course chilies...
types of vege included carrot, long beans, cucumber, cabbages and of course chilies…

after all the vegetables is mix...
after all the vegetables is mix…

all in the container and ready to eat..:)
all in the container and ready to eat..:)

After all done, the following day I need to help to make “Kok Chai”..this is how it look like :0


That is how I spend time to do all this during this CNY….


Happy Tuesday


Wow..is middle of the month..another 25 days to Chinese New Year. I did spring cleaning last weekend. Is way too tiring cleaning, besides helping my mum to make some cookies. While did the cleaning, I had to clean my mini library, look what I found..Mills and Boon. I still keeping those . My friends suggest I can open up a library…haha!!!





Winter Solstice festival

Not only are the Chinese families busy preparing for the winter solstices festival wich is celebreated, those who have grown to enjoy the “tang yuen” (glutinous rice balls) have also jumped on the bandwagon to celebrate the annual occasion which usually falls on either Dec 21 or 22.

I have incorporated an ingredient mostly found started off with the usual black sesame and peanuts and later moved on to stuffing gula Melaka or brown sugar. Is a traditional Chinese dishes as the festival known as “Dong Zhi” is a important one for the Chinese community.

For me, said the tang yuen is a must for me during the winter solstics festival because it is something that my family has always loved, the smell of the ginger broth boiling on the stove instantly reminds me of my late grandmother.

Supposed to post it earlier..but it take ages for me to write and keep on delaying it. One word…LAZY..:p

Tang yuen...



Have a great gathering with my best friend on sunday..Alice, Sharon and Shanen. Actually we all wanted to go to Charlie Brown Cafe but nothing much in the menu, so we decided to change place but in the same complex. We going to Chilis KlCC, we spending time to chat about Alice trip to London, UK. Amazing place and beautiful scenery.. i like the place, and her Westlife concert.
Our lunch at Chilis…..

(from Shanen I-phone)

(from Sharon)