Courage to be Yourself

“Discomfort is a small price to pay for growth.”

Many women find it difficult to say “No.” So they keep saying “Yes.”

Some women hurt when they hear praise. They shake their heads and deny their worth.

Many women resist love. They are the caregivers, but they are afraid to be taken care of.

Sometimes a woman wants to get intimate, but she is held back by shame.

Fear, shame and doubt eat away at your self-esteem. Today, decide the course YOU want to take. Don’t always feel compelled to flow with the current.

Say “No” firmly and loudly when you need to. When someone praises you, smile gently yet proudly. Allow yourself to be loved and cared for. Take control of your intimate moments by deciding and expressing what YOU want.

Allow discomfort to wash over you and fade away. Do the things that you REALLY want and throw away the mask that has been hiding you. You can do it!

©Jane Powell – Meditations for Women

Today’s Affirmation: I am comfortable expressing my needs.

What Your Emotions are Trying SO Hard to Tell You

“Your emotions are your messengers.”

To be true to yourself and to those around you, it’s a must to learn to manage your emotions. It is a critical step toward living a happy, successful, and fulfilled life. This doesn’t mean that you control them by ignoring them or repressing them, it simply means listening to them. What are they telling you?

When you let your emotions control you, you miss the message that they carry. When you ignore them for fear of what they might cause you to do or feel, they simply return as anger later.

Observe your self-talk as your emotions peak and fall. Tune in and identify any judgments you might have about the way you feel. These thoughts translate into what you believe to be true about yourself. They can be accurate or untrue and damaging. You decide if change is in order.

©Jane Powell – Meditations for Women

Today’s Affirmation: I am in touch with my emotions and reactions toward them.

Change Anything and Everything

“Frame your thoughts with awareness.”

It’s no secret that we have the ability to program ourselves to believe and act in negative ways. The good news is that we’re also blessed with the ability to program ourselves to believe and act in positive ways.

The starting point is awareness.

You must first become familiar with how your thoughts make you feel and act. Ask yourself, what thoughts make me feel happy, sad, jealous, mad, etc.? How do I react to my feelings? Once you have the answers to these questions, consider yourself aware.

When you’re in touch with your feelings you’re consciously able to program yourself for positive action.  Next time you catch yourself in a thought that doesn’t feel good, stop, and consciously choose to react in another way. When you re-frame your thinking, everything changes.

©Jane Powell – Meditations for Women

Today’s Affirmation: I re-frame my thoughts for positive action.

How beautiful are you?

“How beautiful do you think you are?”

When you look in the mirror what do you see?

Do you look only at flaws? Your big nose, your double chin, or perhaps your not so perfect skin?

Every woman has her own self-proclaimed list of flaws. We’re all guilty.

Did  you know the more you focus on your flaws the less you see your perfections? Your perfections can be seen in the mirror too!

Why not consider your positive attributes – your perfect lips, your beautiful eyes, your shiny hair, and your fantastic smile?

Accept who you are and what you have and leave perfection behind.

You’re a beautiful woman!

©Jane Powell – Meditations for Women

Today’s Affirmation: I see beauty when I look in the mirror.

Succeed at Everything You Do

“Winning isn’t everything, but wanting to is.”

Perseverance is the golden key to being successful in anything you do. Be it losing weight, improving your relationships, or even starting a business. It’s a matter of hanging on long after others have quit.

Perseverance overcomes almost everything. When you fall, perseverance tells you to get up. When you’re defeated, perseverance tells you to try again. When you feel like quitting, perseverance doesn’t let you.

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again. Therein lies the secret to being a winner.

©Jane Powell – Meditations for Women

Today’s Affirmation: I am a winner. I persevere.