Without You

My tears are flowing for you
As my mind wonders and heart beats
My body is nothing without you

And as the wetness of my cheek are beginning to dry
I feel like I’m going to die
I keep trying to forget you
but I can’t stop loving you
I’m nothing without you

The beats within my chest were real,
Something that no one will ever steal
I gave you my heart
But now were apart
All I know is that I’m nothing,
without you

My Heart

Beat by beat, my heart goes on for you
Like it always has since we met
Stronger and stronger with a love so true
For an angel it could never forget

It bears the scares of so many years
I’ve spent away from you, away from home
From all the loneliness, sorrow and tears
And all the time is was left to roam

Feelings buried so deep down inside
Out of harms way, out if sight
It would be the price it paid for pride
But I always knew I would lose the fight

My soul was too strong; even for time
It wouldn’t stop its search for you
No matter how hard, no matter the climb
It’s always looked for a way back to you

My heart longs to meet yours

I yearn to see you, just a glimpse of your adorable face,
No one else can take your place.
I miss your smiles but we are divided by miles,
Wish one day i could wake up from this dream,
Wish one day I could see you for real.

We are so far apart but you still reside in my heart,
Wish we were together from the start,
Wish I first owned your heart…

Now all I have are sweet memories,
Memories to treasure for life.
At least my love wasn’t hard to find
And I’m so glad that you’re MINE!

I Hold You in My Heart

Everyday I hold you in my heart, as closely as I would hold you in my arms
For you are my only love, so special, so beautiful
Inside and out.
When I am with you, in your arms, I am completely happy and content
Safe in the love we share
Feeling so protected and so loved
So close that I feel your heart beating within my chest
So close that when you close your eyes, I fall asleep.
When we make love and you are inside me, I want to hold you there forever.
Here you are safe and warm and protected
and perfectly loved.
As I hold you deep inside me and you feel my love wrapped around you,
as warm as your strong arms around me,
The universe is ours, time stops
There is only us, only our passion, our joy and our love.
When you are away from me, you carry a part of me with you always.
My heart and my soul, as well as this body, yours alone.
For you my love are the light in my eyes, and my eyes see only you.
You compose the song in my heart and it plays for no one but you my love.
Your smile Is my sunshine, my guiding light and my joy
You are my hero, my strength In the day, my dream at night
What a miracle
In the midst of this uncertain life and in all the world
That we found each other

My love story begins and ends with you
and I thank the Heavens every day
For you and Your Love.