If I had the chance to hug you again,
I would hug you longer.

If I had the chance to kiss you again,
I would kiss you longer.

If I had the chance to hold you again,
I would hold you longer.

If I had the chance to walk with you again,
I would walk with you all day long.

If I had the chance to see you smile and hear you laugh again,
I would think of the funniest things I could think of to tell you,
Just to see you smile and hear you laugh.

If I had the chance to feel your love again,
I would spend every minute with you.

I would do all these things because
I love and miss you.


Still Loving You

When I first told you I loved you I had no idea
What those words would come to mean
All the joy, all the happiness I felt
Then was only the beginning
Do you remember how we used to feel?
How we were content to look into each other’s eyes
How we would seek each other’s glance
Just to share a secret smile
How the memory of a touch or a kiss
Could make us happy for hours
Sometimes still, when you’re unaware
I stop and watch you thinking or dreaming
I wonder if you truly know how special you are to me
Everything I could ever ask of life
I find when I look into your eyes
You’re my life, my world, and my forever
And if I could write a hundred words
Or make a thousand wishes
They would be about you….


Epitome of A Woman

Take a good look at me tell me what you see
The epitome of a Woman
Pure, sensual, beautiful that’s me

My voice, my charm my eyes, my smile
Epitome of Woman
Brilliant free child

My walk, my touch My grace, my hair
The symbol of a woman
That’s me I’m rare

My glow, my look my love spirit wild
My lips, my hips my legs
Shy child

Cosmo, Essence, and Vanity Fair Could
Search the world forever
To catch a glimpse of my stare

Priceless, untouched, um-blemished Unraveled
Temperament like coffee
Strong yet mild

Who am I? You ask, listen don’t speak
The essence of a woman
What you crave for my keep
A rose fine wine, ageless
That’s me



22nd Oct – Attending “Women Love Yourself Workshop- You’re Beautiful 2011” at Royale Bintang Resort and Spa, S’ban.

Jenny pick me at 8.30am, reach there 20 min later. Register ourselves, get a breakfast, a cup of coffee and a cupcakes. I didn’t eat cos I had my breakfast at home. Door gift as well, a recycle bag contents gardenia bread, booklet, pen and voucher for free blood test. Wong and Angie came late, most of our table were Chinese.

Welcome speech by CAMC GM Ms Lee at 9.30am and the emcee is sporting, making jokes and sing at after each talk, and camera everywhere.

1st prog. Was Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation & Theraband Demo by Phyistherapist Indra, where she teach us some pelvic exercise and other exercise as well. She is good and giving some advice. Supposed the 2nd prog is by Dr Intan, a gynecologist talk about “ From womb to tomb’ unfortunately she had to rush back to hospital cos of delivery. So the 3rd prog. Move forward talk about Why women self defense won’t work” by Sifu David Peterson (Dr Intan husband). He bring along his student for demo as well. Follow by Tummy Care by Yakalt.


We had our lunch break at 12.20pm, quite a lot of dish. After lunch we visiting those booth by Ing, Prudential, Body Shop, CAMC, Wing Chun Martial Arts, Physo and a few more. Just visiting CAMC booth, had free check on blood sugar and high blood pressure. I stop by Ing representatives talk bout female illness.


Going back in the hall at 1.20pm for make up demo by Vinz Sebastian from the body shop, which we can’t see the demo, so we all tick poor in the feed back form..lol. Follow by Menopause, facing life without estrogen by Gynecologist Dr Pang. She like reading a book, but is o…kie, not much question ask. Dr Intan turn to talk about from womb to tomb, where she explaining how to check our breasts, and about sex. A very interesting topic..hehe!!!

There have a beauty session with Hada Labo, Mentholatum before we going out for a tea break, nothing much to eat, just pizza and mee and coffee or tea. We bring back to the hall to eat cos it had a free demo by Chef by royal bintang resort and spa. While waiting for the dish to cook, there had a luck draw. On one in our table get any luck.

About 5.30pm… worksop ends.. hope there will be another one come next yr. Adios…


Grand opening….1

(opening speech by CEO)

21st Oct – Grand opening today.. free most of the morning. Registration started at 9am which not included us , for leaders and media. All of us going downstairs at 9.30am taking photo while waiting for the CEO to arrived. He arrive at 10am, I don’t even notice that he’s arriving, when I heard lion dance, he release that he here shaking hand with agents.

Welcome salutation and opening remarks by emcee and opening speech by CEO. Photo sessions with all the leaders here and some VVIP..make the official launch ceremony with lion dance and ‘gombang’. Site tour at the agency office..started from 6th floor..where we all rush up cos we cannot use the lift have to climb staircase. Luckily we all come up on time, some of them already here too.