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Live a Life With Few Regrets

“Change is necessary to live a life with few regrets.”

You only live once. And, it doesn’t hurt to think of this, from time to time. The worst thing would be to look back on your life, wishing you could have been happier or done more.

Don’t let that happen! Now is the time to take a good look at your life and make changes so that you have no regrets.

We all know time flies. Days, weeks, months, and years slip away. Don’t let them pass you by. Make the necessary changes that bring happy, joyful memories, so you can look back with no regrets.

©Meditations for Women

Today’s Affirmation: I live my life with few regrets.

Self improvement

Connect with Your Perfection

“You are already perfect.”

When you were born you were perfect.

You were naturally assertive. You knew exactly what you wanted and what you didn’t want. Instinctively you knew what gave you joy and what made you unhappy. You were an amazing and awesome being. You possessed potential to be anything and anybody. Yet somewhere along in your life’s journey you may have lost touch with that perfection.

We are all molded by our parents, by our friends, and by society to be the person we are today. On top of that each one of us has had our share of problems and sadness, too. Yet there is one thing that hasn’t changed. We are still the same perfect being that we always were.

Despite where life may have taken you, you are still perfect. You don’t need to look outside yourself; you need to reconnect with your own perfection.

Today, take time to experience the exquisite beauty of your own unique self.

©Jane Powell – Meditations for Women

Today’s Affirmation: I am perfect just as I am.

Self improvement

Revitalize Your Spirit

“Build an internal retreat for peace.”

Use your imagination to build a personal sanctuary. A place you can go for centering. A hideaway to refocus your attention and attitude.

Begin by imagining a favorite place, a relaxing and private place where you can enjoy being alone.
Perhaps it’s a tropical beach, a bench in the back yard or even a luxurious hotel room. Place yourself in this place and notice how you feel. Are you relaxed, calmer and more secure? Let these feelings sink into your core and feel the soothing relaxing peace of your solitude.

Your retreat is always there for you. If you’re feeling tired, stressed or unable to cope, use your mind’s eye to go to your special place.

It will change your day.

©Jane Powell – Meditations for Women

Today’s Affirmation: I’m finding relief in my special place.

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Negative Relationship- Part 2

When I say ‘reverse the negativity in your relationships’ that doesn’t mean you are suddenly going to do 3 things and make the negative person positive. It DOES mean that you will have 3 things you can do to shift YOUR reaction energy from negative to positive. Your reality is your reality – if you shift your energy and your reaction energy – you shift your reality.

And remember – you truly can’t control someone else. You can only control what part you play in the cycle of energy – so, from now on, ask yourself if you want to be part of the negative cycle or the positive one? You are that powerful, you can decide.

With that in mind, let’s get into the 3 Steps to Reverse Negative Energy…

The 3 Steps to Reverse Negative Energy Are:

Step 1: It has nothing to do with you.

How someone else is acting has nothing to do with you, even if it is directed at you. We all have our own dramas that we will play out with whoever is willing to play the other roles.

Every time someone directs negative energy at you, if you can remind yourself that it has nothing to do with you, it will shift your entire perspective and allow you to remove your stakes in the situation which will allow you how to respond differently and without a need to defend because it has nothing to do with you and everything to do with them.

When you are met with negative energy, make your new mantra, “It has nothing to do with me.” And you will be amazed at how quickly your energy shifts from negative to positive.

Step 2: Healing is in the opposite

When we feel discordant with someone and their energy, it is easy to get sucked into that feeling and start noticing anything and everything that gives us proof of how negative they are.

But the healing of the energy is in the opposite. Every single person has positive within them. I know it is true, because for the negative to exist, the positive must also be there.

So, your new approach is this…

When you feel discordant with someone and their energy, instantly start paying attention and looking for PROOF of their positive. Focus ONLY on this and your energy will shift from negative to positive quickly.

Step 3: Send love

Negative energy relationships (ongoing or fleeting interactions) need to shift for the good of all involved.

Fighting each other doesn’t work – and you can’t change another person and you can’t sit around waiting for them to change the energy of your relationship.

What you can do is send as much love toward the other person as possible, it may be hard at first, but when you do, they will feel less resistance from you. Negative energy feeds off of resistance. Remove the resistance and you raise the energy vibration.

Sending love doesn’t mean you are letting it be ok that someone treats you poorly, it does mean that you separate you from it and remind yourself that how they are treating you has NOTHING to do with you and everything to do with them and their pain and their scars and their struggles – and that pain, those scars and those struggles deserve love. Sometimes that adjustment in awareness can really help things resolve.

One of my favorite things to remind myself of is this – “I don’t have to like someone’s behavior, I don’t have to choose to be a part of it and interact with it, but I can see it for what it is, I can see where it is really coming from, and when I do that, I can send love.”

We all have behaviors that are covering our pain, scars and struggles – and we ALL deserve love.

And here’s the kicker – typically our negative behavior forms because we are protecting ourselves from something and often, what we create with our fear based behavior is the very thing we were protecting ourselves from in the first place.

For example: Jane feels unlovable – and her greatest fear is feeling disconnected from the people she loves because to her that means she really is unlovable. So, to protect herself, she pushes the people she loves and puts tons of pressure on them to connect – because of that pressure, the people she loves back off. She feels that distance and panics because her greatest fear is that she is unlovable. And then the cycle begins again.

Does all of this mean that you just take it and allow yourself to be a punching bag? No – because being a punching bag or not saying anything and leaving things unresolved only adds to the negative energy. What this does mean is that you can inform your response with love and with a certain amount of distance so that you don’t take it personally AND you can learn to look for the opposite energy in everyone and every situation – when you do, energy will shift within you and around you.

And remember 1 final thing – you are magnificent and you don’t need to prove that to anyone because it is the truth. I believe in you and I send you love!

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Negative relationship-Part 1

Negative Relationships – 3 Steps to Reverse the Negative Energy By Kristen Howe

Relationships are a part of life and they can be enriching and so positive or they can pull at you and surround you in negativity. And many relationships are a combination of the 2 (positive 1 minute and negative the next) and that can be even more confusing.

You know you can’t control other people and you don’t want to abandon your negative family and friends. Running into negativity in strangers, co-workers, bosses, friends, family, and (yes) even yourself is inevitable, it is part of being here and being alive.

So, what do you do? How do you stay injected in life without negative energy sucking your energy and self-confidence dry?

You CAN do this – and I’m going to help – right now.

Before I give you the 3 steps to reverse the negative energy, there is an important element that I want to start with…

We see and are around negativity all the time that DOESN’T affect us.

Think about it – does every single negative thing that happens around you affect you and pull your energy down? No, of course not, if it did, you wouldn’t be able to function.

Likewise, we see and are around positivity all that time that DOESN’T affect us.

So, why does certain negativity get to us?

The answer lies here – when we attach the meaning of the source or the purpose of the energy to be directly related to us, then it becomes personal (to us). The second we define it as personal we have a completely different sensitivity to the negativity, because we feel we have something at stake.

Now, it is easy to define something as personal when someone else targets you with their negativity. But have you ever been in a car with someone who gets cut off and instantly takes it personally as if the person who cut them off specifically targeted them?

We do this all the time – we translate the energy around us and something that will greatly assist you in releasing negative energy is to realize that how you are translating the energy may not be the intention of the energy in the first place. Accepting that gives you some distance and opens you up to other possible translations.

I want to go back to the ‘we have something at stake’ idea – because truly, that is when we put up our guard, that is when we feel the need to defend. So, when you feel yourself having the instinct to defend or guard or explain or prove, take a step back, disengage from the negative energy – and when I say disengage from it, I simply mean, don’t allow yourself to REACT until you ask yourself this question…

“What do I feel I have at stake here?”

Whatever it is you feel you have to defend, guard, explain or prove will give you the answer.

So, let’s say someone comes at you – angry – saying you made a mistake on something that you know you didn’t make a mistake on. Your instinct is going to be to react and to instantly start defending your case. The second you do that, you engage the negative energy and when negative energy is engaged, it grows. BUT what if you chose not to react and not to engage until you asked yourself. “What do I feel I have at stake here?” When you take a second to disengage the negative energy – it instantly dissipates – you give yourself a second to choose your response and to choose to respond (not react) and then you can use the 3 negative energy reversing steps I am going to give you now.

Keep on reading for the 3 negativity reversing steps…

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4 Surprisingly Effective Things to Say

I’m sorry.

A short and sweet apology lowers the levels of resistance and anger in the room. Diffuse the situation with these simple words. The conversation will become less stressful and a solution to your problem or challenge is more likely to surface.

I was wrong.

Admitting your mistake is cleansing. No need to defend yourself, no need to create a litany of excuses. How freeing! Admit it and correct it. It’s that simple!

I need help.

Go ahead. Accept that you don’t know it all. A great entrepreneur surrounds herself with people who know more than she does. Reach out to your army of supporters and save yourself a lot of frustration and time.

I don’t know.

Do you think you have to have all the answers? Well, you’re wrong. Even “experts” don’t know it all. Any true expert will tell you is that no one is expected to have all the answers. Let’s face it, if we knew everything life would be boring! This is an opportunity learn and grow; something every entrepreneur loves to do!