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Your Are Much More Than Your “Job

“Your skills, talents and expertise are everywhere.”

At work, it’s easy for your valuable skills and knowledge to shine. But, the truth is, your abilities and expertise reach beyond your work.

Your emotional, intellectual, social and organizational skills are just as valuable as your work-related skills. These are skills and talents developed along the rough road of life. Don’t discount them. Cherish and nourish these skills; you’ll gain a stronger sense of balance among all the demands of your day.

Remember, happiness and satisfaction surround you when your wisdom is treasured, whether it’s work related or not.

©Jane Powell – Meditations for Women

Today’s Affirmation: I treasure all the wisdom I have to offer


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Is this sabotaging your success?

“Is laziness holding you back?”

Now, I’m not insinuating that you’re lazy – just by reading this you’re far from it. But think for a moment how your success would be affected if you were more energetic …if moments of tiredness, fatigue, low energy, and low motivation weren’t part of your daily life.

Would you be more successful? How would your life change?

When you look around, it appears that those most successful women seem to have not only supreme focus, but they also seem to have found a way to beat the “couch potato” gene in all of us. They have retired their excuses and adopted a “do it now” attitude.

There are many ways you can enhance your life by simply “not being lazy.” Take some time today to identify some of those ways in your own life.

Once you do, you can put the “lazies” behind you and look forward to active and energetic days ahead.

©Jane Powell – Meditations for Women

Today’s Affirmation: The “lazies” are in the past and I’m feeling energized.


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Do You Underestimate Your Competence and Potential? Why?

“Never underestimate yourself.”

Many people put themselves down, by pointing out their inability’s, inadequacies and weaknesses. They underestimate their capabilities, competence and potential. Unfortunately, this is especially true for women.

Does this ring true with you? Take a closer look at yourself and tune into what you say and do. Vow to never, ever underestimate yourself or limit what you can achieve. You are a woman with huge amounts of talent and skill, screaming to be seen and heard!

Instead of thinking in terms of what you “can’t” do, think in terms of what you “can” do. This will let your talents shine!

Remember, you have the ability. You’re perfectly adequate. You possess limitless potential, because you’re you!

©Jane Powell – Meditations for Women

Today’s Affirmation: I possess the ability to do ANYTHING!


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Penang Trip- Day 3

We wake up early today, have our breakfast at the hotel. We wanted go to Upside Down Museum, is an interactive museum on 45 Lebuh Kimberly. Walking through the museum is like going around an upside down house. Visitors can go from room to room, seeing the upside down living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and there is even cafes and shops that are upside down. The entrance fee for adult is RM27 and those who are MyKad holder the fees is RM16 per person. It open from 9am till 5pm everyday.


Our second place was to go LOVE LANE also known as ‘lorong cinta’ is a lane within the inner city of George Town. Is a forms the boundary between the core and buffter zones of George Town World Heritage Site. It runs from Farquhar Street, through Murni Street to Chulia Street. I don’t really find a lot of street art, the building along the street is heritage but the condition is good. There have a lot of café or hotel along the lane, even you found a lot of foreign staying at the hotel. I saw a lot of handsome Mat Salleh too.. The love the place, if I ever go there again, I’m thinking for staying at the place there..


We had our lunch at The Voice Café.. the weather today is sunny. We going in from the back door, The Voice Café also known as Big Bowl Ramen. This big bowl ramen had four flavours, the most famous is called Genki Kara Ramen Noodles spice, the 2nd is call Pork Mayo Ramen Noodles. We have try Genki Kara Ramen, we can choose the level of spiciness from 0-20. We go to Level quite spicy too, we order for 2 person and the price is RM35 per bowl.


Beside that, there have western and Japanese food set.. but we must try the Big Bowl Ramen and some Japanese a-la carta. We did order Gyoza , the price was RM8.90 for 6 pieces.


We reach to hotel at 1pm sharp, we getting ready to check out. After check out, we leave our luggage at the hotel before we walk to a shopping mall called I-Avenue, since our flight is at 6pm. The Christmas decoration was up and the x-mas song is in the air..  I love the Christmas spirit at this time of the year. We were there till 2.30pm, then we walking back to the hotel, fill up petrol and on the way to airport. Reaching at the airport at 3.30pm, returning the rent car at HERTZ, have some late lunch or dinner in KFC before check in our luggage. Our flight was a bit delay but we reach to KL airport at 7.30pm. So long Penang.. see you again …

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Penang Trip- Day 2

We had our breakfast at Lemongrass Restaurant at the 2nd floor of the hotel, since my cousin is going to the Marathon. Most of the guests who stay in the hotel was here for marathon as well…and mostly chinese, you can even see any handsome fellow around..haha!!!  The foods was not really good.


After my cousin came back from her run, we going to Ayer Item – Jalan Pasar to have ‘Asam Laksa’,  famous food at the area, near Kek Lok Si Temple and Penang Hill. The stall is right beside the small market place but it can accommodate groups of visitors and tourists arriving in bus loads visiting the nearby Kek Lok Si Temple. A bowl of sourish sweet assam laksa with a dash of bunga kantan (ginger flower bud) and spicy hot chili will bring a great lip- smacking feeling. Every one love it !!!.


After buying some biscuits for family and friend, we drive to Penang Hill but the huge crowds  at the entrance at the ticket counter. We decided to drive off and the weather is cloudy and is started to rain all the way back. We round the town, we wanted to go Upside down museum , but the crowded too, we heading to 3D Art Museum instead . Even though the place was pack but we still be able to took a lot of photos. This museum house have 45 piece of artworks featuring 3S Trick Art, a technique that transforms 2 dimensional painting into 3 dimensional images. We were there almost 3 hours. Visitors make their way through the ground floor and then continue up the stairs to the first floor. The journey takes them through scenes in Penang, and then continue on to more fantastic and outlandish terrain. The entrance fees for adults was RM25 per person and those who was Mykad Holder was RM15 per person.


Is still raining when we going back to hotel to rest before going for our dinner lately. My niece wanted to go “The Voice Café” but the wave could not bring us to the place that we wanted. We decide to drive to Gurney Plaza. Since is still raining we could go to those hawkers stalls along Gurney Drive. You can find a lot of delicious and famous foods around the area. We ending up to have our dinner at Kopitam…the foods is not as good as in the hawker stalls.

Childhood memories
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Penang Trip-Day 1

Day 1

Our cab came about 6.45am to pick us up to the airport. We (me & my niece) reach airport almost 8am. After check in our luggage, we going to have our breakfast at Marry brown..don’t really like their morning breakfast. Our broading time at 9am and our flight at 9.40am (on time).

We reach Penang about 10.30am, walking around to look for the company to rent a car and we found the cheapest on at HERTZ- RM103.30 per day after discount. We rent it for 3 days about RM310.60 including tax and insurance. We rent Hyundai I10, is a very nice and small car, that we like and is easy to drive.

We wait for about 10 min , cos they need to wash the car before giving to the customers. We need to fill up the petrol when we return to car otherwise it will charge quite expensive (according to the customer service). Using wave or GPS to bring us to the NEO + Penang, where we staying (near town area). Is was surrounded by all the shopping malls and normally is all walking distance. We reach the hotel at 12.30pm, lucky we can check in early since we requested a Family Room. Our room no is 802 and is on the 8th floor…restaurant is on the 2nd floor while the swimming pool is on the 25th floor.. you can see nice view from there. Is hotel was newly open, the environment is very nice and clean. The staff was friendly too. (my review was post in trip advisor ).


We took our crazy photo in our room before heading out for lunch. We don’t have any clue where we take our lunch, we just walk around the area and spot some hawker stalls where they selling delicious “char keow thau” and a few more delicious foods, even though is just a hawker stall but pack with people who enjoy every minutes of it.


After our lunch we going to the shopping mall to get some drinking waters for a couple of days. Then we walk back to hotel before we going to Street Arts in Lebuh Armenian (Armenian Street). Is all about walking distance, you can see those art on the walls after a few block away from each street. Even some shop renting out bicycle to the tourists. The streets is the venue of the weekly Armenian Street Fair. Along the street you can found quite a lot of accommodation, restaurants and sights seeing. If you do walk to the end of Chew Jetty, you’ll see the remnants of Ernest Zacharevic’s Children in a boat mural on the side of Chew Jetty Vacation Home…but it’s gone.


There still have a lot of street to walk around but due to distance we decided to heading back to our car since cloudy. When we reach, the rain started to rain heavily. Thank god!!!!

We had our dinner at Perangin Mall @ Saffron, is actually a steak house and the price is reasonable, we have free buffet after we had order 3 main courses. Before dinner my niece & my cousin going for a swim even thought is slightly rain. The night view is beautiful when all the lights is on. We didn’t walk much at the mall because is kinda of late, most of the shop was close for a day.


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Reach Your Goals and Dreams

“Each new day is a building block for reaching your goals and dreams.”

Personal goals and dreams are not formed over night; they are built with each passing day. It’s important that you do something each day toward fulfilling your personal dreams. Every effort, no matter how small or insignificant, can make a difference.

All those daily “blocks” build on one another and, slowly but surely, add up. Be patient with yourself and never give up. Your tower will slowly grow and, sooner than you think, you’ll be standing at the top!

©Jane Powell – Meditations for Women

Today’s Affirmation: Each day I do something toward fulfilling my personal dreams and goals.