So Far Away

As I sit here so far away
I just want to cry for you every day
In a short time you have invaded my heart
And that has been the very best part

To feel my heart so happy and full
I finally feel this time I won’t be the fool
You have brightened my life
when I could see no light

The heart is such a funny thing
you never know what it will bring
like the pure true love I have for you
Or how being so far from you makes me blue

To you my love all I want to say
Is how I hate being so far away
And I can’t wait for the day
That I am not so far away


My Everything

As I think of you today
I am wondering why
Why I am so immersed to you
I can see your face
Anywhere I go, anywhere I look into

Your face that is already
Tattooed on my mind
That’s why I can’t get you out of my way
Driving me crazy sometimes

And what will I do?
You are my everything
You are everything I need
Everything I hope for

I love the way you loved me
I don’t want anybody but you
For you are my everything
And I don’t wanna lose you
Now that I have found you

Your love is everything I need
From the start of day till I take my rest at night
For you give me hope and life
The dreams I am always looking for
To be together till the end of our lives


Because you love me

I don’t know if I can start life anew
For I was forsaken by loving and caring
My heart that hardened as rock
As if nothing can change the way it feels

But you came into my life
Waking me up with new hope and yearning
Wishing I should have known you
A long time ago

A long time ago when my heart
Is so sad, lonely and blue
My heart that stayed in misery
Full of dark clouds wanting to blow

Now that you have loved me
I can see the sun shining at night
Even the rainbow that appears
Wanting to share the love it carries

I thought I will never have
Happiness in my entire life
But because you have loved me
I am now full of love
Because you have filled up
The emptiness in my heart

That’s because you loved me


**A Dream**

Am so lonely thinking of you
I am wondering too
Am I still your love?
Coz I haven’t seen you

Tell me: Is there anything wrong?
Coz from the start, I can’t touch you
You are in my mind
My heart, even my soul
But still I cant own you

You told me you love me
Deep inside your heart
And nobody could replace me
Inside your heart

We are lovers you told me
But I can’t hold you
Even can’t kiss you,
And make love to you

I don’t know why
Why I have kept you
Here inside my heart
Even I know… you are just a dream
A dream that will never come true


If I Could

If there was a place that I could go
I would choose to be
Anywhere with you

If I could wake up anywhere
I would choose to be
Any place that would place me next to you.

If there were hearts all over the world
That I could steal
I would steal only yours and keep if forever.

If I could have any adventure
Live my wildest dreams
They would all be spent
basking in the glow of your love

If I could choose any ending
To the day that I have lived
I would choose to be warm and safe
And lying with my arms wrapped around you.

If there was any life I could live
I would make a list of a thousand choices
For a thousand lifetimes
And every one
Would be a life lived intimately well
With you, my love


**Your Smile**

I am just here looking at the sky
Counting the clouds as they sway in the air
While I am visualizing your face
Thinking if you are wearing a smile

The smile that comforts me
Even you are so far from me
Coz I can vividly see
Your need to be with me

While I am waiting for you
I can’t help but to smile too
Thinking how we will fulfill
The dreams that we had kept
Many years ago

Many years ago
You told me you loved me so
But it didn’t follow
For you need to go away
Away from your homeland

Now that you are coming home
It’s your smile that embraces me
Soothing the need to be with you
The smile that you didn’t forget
To send to me always
Coz you know how your smile
Comforts my aching heart
Of being away from you



I am always searching
Searching for love
The love of my life

I have loved many before
But it seems I cannot fill up
The emptiness in my heart
My heart that needs
The one I truly love

All my life
I have no reason to live
For I haven’t found
My one true love

I guess am lucky enough
For I have stopped searching
Because I have already
Found the love I am dreaming of

All my life
I have never been contented
Until you came along
To share with me
The love I am longing for
For you are the love of my life
And you are the one I LOVE
My one true LOVE


A PLace called Love

Take my hand and walk with me
to a place where lovers go,
where kisses are like raindrops,
and soothing rivers flow.

Inhale the perfumed sweetness
of the roses as we near,
one step closer to paradise,
an oasis crystal clear.

The sun will burn much brighter
in skies of the bluest blue,
the stars that shine at midnight
will shine for me and you.

We’ll walk along the shore-line,
waves crashing all about,
cleansing the uncertainty,
removing all the doubt.

My words will sound much sweeter
when I whisper in your ear,
I’ll always be in heaven
as long as you are near.

Don’t second guess the reasons,
look beyond and look above,
then close your eyes and meet me
in that special place called love



Take leave today, going to dye my hair, so do Heng..she also take leave. Ben call me at 3am asking me to online..we chat till 5am. And he wanted to see me too…but is very dark mah.. but he told me im look beautiful but I having have a chance to see him yet. I told him about Brandon and of course I didn’t tell him his name. Lucky I able to sleep back and wake up 7.30am.. going on online for a while but Heng come at 8am..and my parents is going out for breakfast.

Sat, going out with my sister to get all the stuff for Keith b’day.. come back about 1pm. Get myself to online.. chat with Brandon for a while ask him when he back , but they detain his money but he’ll ask his lawyer to get it for him. But he told me that when his lawyer come, he didn’t want him to take the money back but he want to put in my account. I give him a lot of reason. He ask me not to worried about him, then I told him..ok I won’t. Told him someone else will care about him.. ask me again ‘WHO’..i say I don’t know.. someone u care about. He say. .he care the most is me. When he mention about the money.. he say if I don’t want to is okie…and he don’t want to talk about it..then I say ‘Fine’.. I offline after day. Till now I haven’t hear from him yet..god, I really miss him though..today already Tue.. still no sigh of him. *sad* When I saw him online, just drop by to say ‘hi’, but he just return that, so now I know this ppl is like this…..sweet talk..bullshit…hate everyone of it.


To LoVe and Feel—Pt 2

I wish him well, but can’t accept,
His plead of me, to him this day,
My heart so full, of love now knelt,
To save his fate, I wished him well.

He crossed the seas and looks so brave,
My prince of heart, my joy of life,
I feel so lost, my mind now bent,
He is so sweet, he is so me.

With a kiss, I gave, my heart away,
But turned around and walked away,
My world is you, my prince of may,
But time long told, of us this way.

I love the strength you wear each day,
The smile you bear, the face you care,
The world so rough, but you are soft,
You are my all and so much more.

I walk so slow, with you behind,
My arms now cross, with you still near,
I look above, these stars to hear,
They sing you praise and fill me up.

Sweet guests tonight, this choice I’ll make,
My prince to make, a king by dawn,
I feel so blessed, he loves me whole,
I’ll love you always, my answer told…