Stop Criticizing Yourself

“Are you your own best friend?”

Sadly, most women are their own worst enemy. Who needs enemies when you can consult your harshest critic anytime you glance in a mirror? Logically, we should all be our own best friend, but it often isn’t the case. We reserve our harshest criticism for ourselves.

Learn now to be gentle with yourself. You deserve special treatment simply because you are special. Who best to comfort you, but you? Who best to compliment you, but you? Learning to love yourself is the greatest gift that you can give yourself. No expensive cosmetics, no retail therapy can deliver the inner warmth of knowing that you are happy being you.

When we love ourselves, it is no longer important that our hair is not perfect or that our thighs are a little dimpled. We don’t beat ourselves up for imagined imperfections anymore. In fact, we embrace our imperfections.

Today, look in the mirror and smile. The person there will smile right back. She loves you. Love her, too.

©Jane Powell – Meditations for Women

Today’s Affirmation:
 I am my own best friend.


Get Rid of Hopeless Feelings

“There will be times when all seems lost.”

At one time or another it’s likely you will feel that your life has hit a brick wall. You may feel there are no solutions to your problems and your life will never change for the better. This time may even be now.

During such times, you must look back and remember the past obstacles you faced and conquered. Remind yourself of how you confronted and overcame them. Those challenges seemed as difficult as the ones you may be facing now.

Use your memories to reassure yourself that things will change, that you will get through these hopeless feelings.

You did it before and you’ll do it, again! Success is just around the corner.

©Jane Powell – Meditations for Women

Today’s Affirmation:
 I have faced and conquered obstacles and I am doing it again.


Secret Scrolls

From The Secret Daily Teachings

Each of us is attracting in every moment of our lives. So when you feel that the law isn’t working for you because you don’t have what you want, realize that the law is responding to you. You are either attracting what you want or you are attracting the absence of what you want.

The law is still working.
May the joy be with you,

Rhonda Byrne
The Secret… joy for billions

Happy Friday and Selamat Hari Raya

Hello good morning blogger, As the holy month of Ramadhan comes to a close in the coming days, let us forgive each other’s mistakes and shortcomings, we are only human after all.

Happy Friday! And last day at work too..since Raya holiday is just 2 days away. I  like to take this opportunity to wish our muslim friends here..May this Hari Raya bring you joy and happiness for you and your family.

HR8 Bulan Ramadhan bulan yang mulia

disambut dengan hati yang gembira

kini syawal semakin menjelma

tangan ku hulurkan maaf dipinta

Selamat Hari Raya

Maaf, Zahir & Batin

Laman Site(Art Site)








Laman Seni 7 is a collaborative effort between 56 shoplots in Section 7, KHZNH Studio and various young artists to produce backlane art. Artists were chosen based on a prior art competition in which they had to showcase 3D paintings, installations, street furniture and paintings on-site. Supported by the Shah Alam city council, Laman Seni 7 has transformed regular back alleys into Instagram-worthy spaces.

Laman Seni 7 (Art Site 7),Shah Alam
Address:Jalan Plumbum Q7/Q SS7
Shah Alam

How to Get Things Done

“Stop running to answer every request.”

Does a ringing telephone, a doorbell, or the sudden demand of an impatient co-worker make you immediately stop what you are doing? Do you feel your tasks take second place to the requests of others?

Every time you “drop everything,” your stress level rises and your productivity sinks. So, make sure these interruptions are vital. Demands on your life are often not as important as you think. What’s important is “you,” and what you need to accomplish.

It’s time to get your priorities in-check and make a conscious effort to separate what’s “important” from what’s merely “urgent.” Ask yourself, “Is this really important, or could it be done later?” Give your attention to the things that really count. You’ll find harmony when you do.

©Meditations for Women – Jane Powell
Today’s Affirmation: I give my greatest attention to my highest priorities.