Tuesday Motivation

Good morning all,

There will always be a little voice inside of you that is strong and wholeheartedly believes in you. Do not ignore that voice. You have the power inside of you to lead yourself to greatness and magical opportunities. Give more power to that part of your being. You have a passion, in which you are beautifully gifted. Show that to those around you, the rest of the world even. Don’t stop until that little voice inside of you is proud.

-Law of Attraction.


Cambodia Review- Day 3 & 4

Day 3

Is Christmas day. Since we didn’t have plan for today, we stay up late, and having bread, omelette and 2 cups of coffee for breakfast. No heavy food for me,lol

Quite a lot of tourist checking in today. We just going to shopping mall and walk around the street. Well the weather is sunny. We decided to have a massage at 3pm at the hotels, we have head and shoulder massage for an hour at our suites. Is so relaxing and feel good.

We going out again later going back to Pub Street to get some stuffs for everyone at home. After shopping we walking thru all the restaurants we decided to have our dinner at Khmer Kitchen again. The time we having stem rice, Deep fry Fish with powder, Tom Yam Chicken and Long Bean omelette. Those dish was delicious and cost USD 16.

We going back to our hotels by tuk tuk, the same guy who send us on the 1st day, he still remember us and he did not bargain with us this time..haha

We had a long day today and our last day here. Miss this beautiful place and friendly staffs here.

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Day 4

We heading home today..wake up about 4.15am getting ready to leave the hotel by 5.30 am, arriving at International airport about 20min driving. We have our breakfast ready by the hotel before leaving, we having breakfast and wait for the counter to open for to tag our luggage. The departure is not huge like KLIA 2.. our boarding time about 7.50am, leaving about 8.30 am sharp. Reaching KLIA2 at 11.30am, walking to arrival halls need half an hour, that a long distance.


Home sweet home.. that my few days reviews plus is nothing much to visit too. Till next time.


Cambodia Review-Day2

Day 2

Today is Christmas eve , received a lot of message from friends which I don’t have time to reply them yet. Wake up at 6am to have our breakfast at the lobby. The buffet breakfast is not so delicious as it seem and I didn’t eat much. After breakfast we wait till 8am  the hotel staff say that our day trip was cancelled and put us on tomorrow, we went back to our room but as soon as we reach the staff informed us that the tour guide was here to pick us up. They pick us No 2/ , continue pick up other tourist from their hotels. The van pack with 11 people including us.

After picking everyone, we going to buy tickets to Angkor Wat. The ticket must have our photo on it like passport. Our tour guide name Tida..his English was good where we explain every details.

Our first place was Angkor Wat Temple..is exhibits the most unique religious architecture in the world and is the best preserved temple in the 12th century. This great temple is surrounded by a moat and an exterior wall measuring 1300 meters x 1500 meters. The temple was dedicated to the Hindu god Vishnu. We were there for 3 to 4 hours just to walk around the area and taking photos and our tour guide explaining the details of the temple and of course a lot of tourists too. There we get to know some people in the van with us.. there is a lovely couple (elderly couple) we have chat with them, both of them are cute and funny couple.

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After the first temple, we going to have lunch at 12pm, the restaurants is packs with people and mostly we sit separately but the one who join us was a lady from Ukraine. I have a chat with her and she told me she been here for a few days and I ask her any other place she would like to recommend us to visit.

After lunch we going to visit – Ta Prohm Temple- is one of the most picturesquare tree temples in the Angkor complex. Originally named Rajavihara, Ta Prohm Temple was commissioned in 1186AD by Kind Jayararman VII and was dedicated to his mother in hur of Prajhaparamite (the goddess of wisdom in Mahayana Buddhism). We were there for one and the half hours. We get to know a another family’s from Brazil.

Next we going to Bayon Temple- is one of the largest Mahayana a Buddhist temples in the Angkor complex; the Bayon was built in the heart of Angkor Thom(a great city spanning Nine square kilometres). It was constructed in the late 12th and early 13th centuries during the reign of King Jayavarman Vll. The Bayon’s most distinctive feature is the multitude of massive, serene stone faces that grace its many towers. This time we chatting with a guy name David from England. He’s friendly and he also have visited Malaysia for 2 weeks since he have friend here. Next we going to East gate to take some photo before heading to Phnom Bakheng Temple to watch sunset. The hill that we all going to climb is about 20 min according to Tida. When we reach up, the queue is too long when we reach up the temples. All of us decided to go down and heading home- is almost 5pm. The tour van send us home first, we have a wonderful time with the rest of the people in the van. Is time to say our good bye to them as we heading back to our hotels.

We reach about 6pm. Open reaching our suite, we saw some gifts on our bed, is a Christmas gift from the hotel, having shower , rest and write my review today before I forgot everything that we been going,

During next time, we feel hungry and have dinner at the suite, they having Christmas buffet which cost USD 17 per person, since we going down late nothing much left to eat..*sad*. We sitting near the pool to have our dinner and accompany with Christmas songs. They have a few couple swimming during the night plus cocktail near the pool too.

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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Cambodia Review

As promise I will post my holiday review. Sorry for the bad grammer,lol

Siem Reap,Cambodia – 23Rd Dec till 26th Dec 2019

Day 1

Waking up at 2.15am in the morning and our taxi arriving about 3.20am and reach airport about 4am. Lot of people in the airport, print our ticket and luggage tag and scan the luggage ourselves. Everything using machine instead..:)

After is done, we gonna have some early breakfast before heading to departure halls.

Upon arriving at Siam Reap International airport at 7.45am (Cambodia time) one hour early from Malaysia. We were pick up by tuk tuk(The best way to travel around town in Cambodia is by tuk tuk. … These two-wheeled carriages pulled behind a motor are a breezy way to travel and are marginally safer than going by motor–mostly because they go at about half the speed. Taking a tuk tuk is one of the best ways to get around Cambodia in style) from the hotel and we check in early as well. Lucky we manage to get our room before 10am. Thanks to the staff there… very friendly and polite staffs. We staying at Angkor Elysium Suite, National Rd6, Kaksekam, Sangkat Sra Ngae Siem Reap, Kingdom of Cambodia.(www.ankorelysiumsuites.com). Our suite is so spacious for 2 persons.

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We have some rest, then we took tuk tuk (charge $4USD a trip) to go around Pub Street and Market. We are there almost 1pm..walking around some shop to get some souvenir and we have lunch at The Central Café. After lunch we continue with our walk around the market where we brought some pants for tomorrow trip (Angkor Wat). My cousin brought some scaft plus t-shirt for everyone at home. We look for a place to sit (very tired of walking) and some drinks at Khmer Kitchen and taking photo around the area. We went for foot massage for an hours and cost us $5 USD.

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We had foot massage to pass time, so we can wanted to see the lights on during Christmas time and dinner too. We took some photos at night and looking for restaurants to have dinner. Around the streets there had lot of variety and is depending on us what to have for dinner. We decides to have dinner at Banana Leaf Restaurant is right in the middle of Pub Street. The food is delicious and yummy especially the spaghetti Carbonara and Khmer Tapas Depustation..a few fried fish cake. The fresh orange juice is delicious really fresh and my cousin had a beer (Angkor can $2.50). The spaghetti is so creamy mix with bacon.

After dinner we heading home , had a shower and writing postcard to our friends back in Malaysia.

Have to call it a night. We need to wake up early for Angkor Wat day trips.

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Morning Motivation


You must tell yourself that you have the ability to create the life you desire. Do you know why? You are able to choose every moment of your life. Every decision, every choice you make from this point forward, will be made with the sole purpose of creating the life you desire the most. – The Law of Attraction.


Good day

Good day and good morning,

Realize that what’s happening around you doesn’t define who you are.

How everyone hanging in there? Life is really full of surprises, who would’ve thought the world would be like this? Remember that this is a good great opportunity to look into ourselves and work on improving ourselves for the future.

During the weekend, work from home is a bit of difficult and the weather is extremely hot, during the weekend I spend most of my time journaling.  I inspired by someone and I enjoy with I’m doing at the moment. Here are some of my stuff.. 🙂


Journal 1

Journal 2


Hi everyone

Hello everyone,

I finally back to my blog for many many year. How everyone doing? I quite busy with work, writing journal or reading. During the Movement Control Order all of us have to stay  at home till month end. Most of us will be working from home, beside that I wanted to stay and continue blogging. Hope I can do for the time being.

I will be posting my trip to Siem Reap, Cambodia during Christmas time last year. Even though it just 4 days 3 nights trip will be enough for us. The last post that I manage to review my trip to Krabi, Thailand but that was only the first part. I’m totally forgot what I intend to wrote..(that was 3 to 4 years) back then. Sorry …….