^^Miles Apart^^

We are both tonight many miles apart But we’ve always been from the start When I met you it was so long ago From that moment our love did grow I liked you as we started to chat About any thing, or this and that Then something special happened to me And it was by your side I wanted to be I traveled down with a penguin for you And you had a little present for me, too We went to the beach for miles we walked We went to the pub for hours we talked Then back to yours we had a dance Round and round then I took a chance And leaned forward and stole a kiss I never knew it would be like this We spent the night so close together Next day we walked, such cold weather Then I had to leave to travel away But knew in my heart would be back someday For I love you with all my heart But tonight we are both many miles apart.


^^My LoVe FoR yoU ^^

If you could see into my mind
I think that you would surely find
A love that binds you to my soul
A love that I cannot control

It’s not a love I’ll ever see
Returned my dear from you  to me
A missing piece a gaping hole
A fearsome ache within my soul

This love for you I can’t restrain
It’s something I cannot contain
It daily tears into my heart
And rips my very soul apart

So I keep looking for a way
To keep this  love for you at bay
That  I might  find for me at least
A needed bit of  inner peace

But I know  this will never be
I love you far too much you see
To push my love for you aside
No matter how I feel inside


Diary 15th – 21th Mar

Spoken to Alice last wed evening (17/03) well I supposed to call her earlier but I totally forgot about it. She worried about me when I post some thing in fb. I told her nothing wrong, just pissed off with my sister and not him. He didn’t talk to me since, I email him that I won’t be disturbed him anymore. She told me she going to Perth, Australia with her friends in Oct. Now, she asking me to save up to go Ireland with her and Lam. But is really cost me a fortune.

Next day, spoken to Angie about our books, not even set up yet. She told me to set it up in fb and group in fb too. I trying to do that now, check with other , like selling clothes or handbag.. how they do it. There where I got idea on my own. I even create an email add in yahoo to convenience ppl to email me for ordering.

Call Lily too, just have a few talk, told her that my friend ask me to save up to go Ireland in 2012..but the cost is really high. She told me I need about RM10K..including air-ticket, pocket money and concert ticket. Oopppp…forget, hotel stay..maybe more that we expected. L L

Going out for lunch on Friday, come back late, already taking my lunch—free lunch, new agents have class on this day. They eating at Kenny Rogers.. but I just want to go out that all. Boss call when I was on my way back, why so late ?? told him that we going out late.

Call him when I get back to office, told me to see Jimmy about Ms Tang CPD hours, tell him everything, which I did, he ask me to email him and see whether he can help out or not. After meeting him, call boss tell him, what he say. Then boss ask me to call Yin Teing, ask her to help me, I send her my agent CPD hours record. I told her about she already done all her CPD hrs , and the last one is 3 hrs is on oct 09. I couldn’t check in the system, Yin Teing going to PBA office to check. She told me that I did register for her, but she didn’t attend cos she didn’t even sign in and out. *phew* *sigh* I told my boss about it..and ask him to call the person in charge. I don’t want to call Ms Tang, cos I don’t want to argue with her. I know what her reaction will be.

Sat, going out for a movie with Lam called ‘Remember Me’, is really a sad ending, where the hero died. But I enjoy it. The movie started at 3.35pm, we going for our lunch at Secret Receipt then going for a walk to look for Awin present.. I decided to get her a book. That including Lam and Ila. I post some thing in fb..which caught Awin attention, we just post comment to each other.

Have gathering on Sun at 1pm at Kensington. Joey and Tammy didn’t go cos they have something on. Call Bernice in the evening we have a long chat…


Just want to be with you…foreveR

I found this poem and i make some changes in it…:))

I’m so sad and despressed

Is all I want to do is rest

I go to sleep at night

But my dreams, I just can’t flight

I think of you lying beside me

and wonder if  there is anything I could have said

I wish you here always

But I know that you are with me

I love you more that you know

I just wish you were here

I just want you with me forever

and I know thats what you would have wanted too

I miss you more and more each day

there is so much more we had to say

I know we going to meet each other, soon

my life is just started to begin


When in Rome–my next movie

Disillusioned with romance, an ambitious New Yorker travels to Rome, where she plucks magic coins from a special fountain. The coins attract an assortment of odd suitors, including a sausage merchant, a street magician and an artist. But, when a persistent reporter throws his hat in the ring, she wonders if his love is the real thing.

with Josh Duhamel and Kristin Bell


^^RemembeR ME^^

Tyler, a rebellious young man in New York City, has a strained relationship with his father ever since tragedy separated their family. Tyler didn’t think anyone could possibly understand what he was going through until the day he met Ally through an unusual twist of fate. Love was the last thing on his mind, but as her spirit unexpectedly heals and inspires him, he begins to fall for her. Through their love, he begins to find happiness and meaning in his life. But soon, hidden secrets are revealed, and the circumstances that brought them together slowly threaten to tear them apart. Remember Me is an unforgettable story about the power of love, the strength of family, and the importance of living passionately and treasuring every day of one’s life.


My SeaRch is OveR

I’ve searched for you
Beyond the stars,
Throughout the years,
And so very far…

Somehow I knew
That you were out there,
But that’s the thing…
I didn’t know where.

When I couldn’t find you
I just kept crying,
But I couldn’t give up…
I had to keep trying.

He’s out there, I’m thinking.
I continued my search
For the love I was seeking.

From hour to hour,
And from place to place,
I didn’t give up
In this heart-rushing race…

The days went by,
As well as the years…
It had brought me nothing
But painful tears

Then all of a sudden,
There you stood…
Like a beautiful angel
Floating in the woods.

Where have you been?
All of my life
I long for the moment
To call you mine.

In love’s embrace
We’ll be together.
Our love is protected,
And will last forever.

Fate has lead me to you,
The one from above…
My search is over,
I’ve finally found you,
My one true love


^^My HeaRt^^

You’re my one true love this i know for sure,
When i get sick you’re my only cure.

When I’m in darkness you’re my only light,
When i was once blind
you were my sense of sight.

You opened up my eyes and helped me see,
How wonderful love could truly be.

You’re always there for me and
I’ll always be here for you,
Even when times get too tough and
you dont know what to do.

You taught me how to love,
you taught me how to share,
You taught me whats really important…..you taught me how to care.

We’ll always be together,
even though we’re apart,
Your my one true love and
you will always have “my heart.”


You aRe my WoRld

The thought of you makes me wonder
How little things in life can get me under
It really made me see
That you mean a lot to me

You’re the light of my everyday sun
The laughter in my fun
You’re the formation of my favourite constellation
And you relieve me of all of my frustration.

You showed me the miracle of love,
And helped me when things got rough
You were there for me from the start
And now you’re the beating of my heart.

You’re the weakness in my knees
The warmth in a cool breeze
You’re the smile on my face
And the pace in my race

You invaded all of my thoughts
And impressed me with you’re knowledge
With all the special moments you’re stealing
You give my life real meaning

You are my knight in shining armor
Protective, like a daughter’s father
The thought cut through me like a knife
When I realized: you are my world


**Visions of a dReaM**

Sleeping, I’m dreaming visions of you
I feel you’re around me, feel your presents
Watching over me like you always do
And the air around me carries you scents

Holding my hand,
And touching my face
Just you and me,
In this peaceful place

We’ll drift away, on a gentle breeze
Where the heavens meet above the clouds
So far above the deepest blue seas
We’ll be alone away from the crowds

Still in my arms I held you tight,
I gently kissed your lips, sweet and tender,
As the fire-filled sky gave way to night.
Caught up in the night’s magic and splendor.

We’ll glide across the stars that spell your name
And on to wards the end of time and space
Through the sun and it’s burning flames
As we hold each other in an eternal embrace

Together we’ll test the bounds of forever
We’ll find the place our hearts have longed for
We won’t give up, there’ll be no surrender
In each other is where we’ll be Forevermore