Lovers in the mist

Two lovers in the mist, obscured
Two hearts alone that time inured
Call to each other in a pain
That could no longer be endured.

Tho distance kept the both apart
They struggled through the veil to start
The fated love that was to be
The union of the two, one heart.

The voices that the two each heard
Would echo once, a second, third
And dance about ’til neither knew
From whence had come the mournful word.

The lovers sadly cursed that this
Was not the day that they may kiss
As both kept wand’ring in the mist
As both kept dying in the mist.

Journey from a million to one

I’m on a journey,
the location far prepared myself,
for the journey’s hard
the journey’s an action,
emotion and tale
determination for completion,
i will not fail

you gave me your heart,
with trust at hand
stupid and careless of me,
on the floor it lands
memories, emotions on the floor
the pieces run
picking up your million pieces,
hoping to make one

majority of the pieces,
swept up and made
still not made whole,
theres a lot of free space
on my knees i get,
trying really hard to find
while hiding the tears,
i cry for your broken heart and mind

I’m putting together the pieces,
but i start to notice
that its hard for me to fill every crack
and every crevice
so what to do to mend your broken heart
being responsible, it just tears me apart

I know what ill do,
ill use my heart to fill the holes
overlap mine, to once again make yours whole
i know it’s hard to trust again,
but let me show you how
I’ll pick up the million pieces,
so come with me now

The beginning of a memory

When I meet you, it will be
the beginning of a memory
The opening of a door, between you and me.
It will be the first step
of all our tomorrows more
What bright dreams will lie ahead
behind the open door?
I see the Highway One
twisting, winding long
From the top of California,
till we are finally home.
It’s best that we share all God’s best,
the valleys and the hills,
The quiet meals along the way,
the beauty and its thrills.
And when we sit out on our porch,
and review the day between us
We will find pleasure anew,
rating the day an A-plus.

Thank you, Dearest, for a lovely day,
so nice to be with you.
I’ll store this day with
every day of things
that we’ve been through.

Time-table for the Royal Wedding

If you are one of the many who will be tuning in to the nuptial between Prince William and Kate Middleton, then this timetable will come in handy.

Royal officials have released an estimated schedule for the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton on 29 April (All time shown are Malaysian time).

3:30pm Guest arrive at Westminster Abbey

5:30pm The royal family take their places; Queen Elizabeth and her husband will be the last to arrive. Prince William and his best man Prince Harry head to the Abbey as well

6pm The bride arrives; the ceremony begins

7:15pm Prince William and his new wife emerge from the Abbey, depart in a carriage and head to Buckingham Palace

8.25pm The newlyweds make their apperance on the palace balcony

8:30pm The royal family watch a flypast before returning inside the palace for the Queen’s reception

Among the channels you can tune in to watch the Royal Wedding include: Sky News (5pm), BBC World (4pm), CNN (1pm), TLC (5pm), ITV Granada (3.30pm), E! (4pm) and ntv7 (4.30pm).