Krabi Trip- Day 1

Reach Krabi on time..the first time we do was looking for a van then to tourist information counter for trip info. We get a van but the drive did not drive us to the hotel instead, the van stop by his office and the staff inform us that we need to get a boat to our hotel.. Omg we were speechless cos we really don’t know that hotel actually a resort and in the island here.

Seriously the weather is extremely hot as we reach to the jetty to get a boat, we have to wait for a few more people, the boat will fetch all of us together. The charges was not really expensive.

Is a 20 min drive to the island and we are staying at Railey Bay Resort & Spa, all I can say the island was beautiful with private beach as well.. is so peaceful and all you could hear is the waves.

By the time we check in is almost evening, after everything do, the staff bring us to our private cottage, room no was 1105, with wifi, and jacuzzi. After resting for 2 hours, we have a walk to the beach and is so windy. The destine was quite far from the hotel to the beach or the restaurant. I like it here, seriously we don’t see many chinese or malay or indian people but most foreign, I mean a lot, they love it here because of sun bath, laying on the sand and relaxing even refreshing…


Our private cottage


We able to see the sunset in the evening and have early dinner at the restaurant here and the food was not bad, mostly seafood and Thai food.


Love this – beautiful sunset


our dinner

After dinner we heading for a massage for an hours with head, shoulder and foot massage and is cost 600 baht per person. When is done, back to cottage to have jacuzzi and drink and watching the star …the sky was beautiful that night. We had our late night and we call it a day…

Having a bad day?

“It’s just one of those days.”

There will be days when you’ll end up having a melt down, freaking out, and going into an emotional tailspin. It’s completely normal. The key is to let it happen.

What’s important is, once it’s over, you need to pick up the pieces and regain your composure. This is your responsibility. It’s crucial not to beat yourself up because you lost control. Remember a fall out doesn’t mean failure.

Expect bad days every once in a while. These days may scare and upset you, but realize they are all part of life.

A great day is just around the corner!

©Jane Powell – Meditations for Women

Today’s Affirmation: A great day is just around the corner.


You Have Talent!

“Cultivate your talents.”

Talent does not mean you have to be an artist who paints masterpieces, or a gymnast who does flips. Talent resides within you, right now, in many different ways.

Caring for others is a talent, teaching is a talent, making people feel welcome is a talent, solving problems is a talent and parenting is a talent.

Never underestimate your talents and try not to compare or wish for the talents of others. Focus on and accept the talents you have, and you will find great fulfillment in life.

©Jane Powell – Meditations for Women

Today’s Affirmation: I am talented!


Is Life Pushing You Around?

“It’s not what happens to you, but how you react, that matters.”

There are two parts to every woman’s world, the inner world and the outer world. The inner world is you – the outer world is where things happen to you.

You have complete control over your inner world. You choose everything you believe, say or do. Your outer world is different. Things happen that you cannot control, like death, disaster and natural forces.

Just remember it’s how you react to the events in your outer world that affects you. Use the strength and power of your inner world to control your reactions and it will make all the difference in your life.

©Jane Powell – Meditations for Women

Today’s Affirmation: I use my inner strength to control my reactions to my outer world experiences.


Overcome a Self-Defeating Attitude

What you think about most molds your attitude.”

Your thoughts and beliefs are a mold for your attitude. If your thoughts are negative and self-defeating, your attitude will be the same.If your thoughts are positive and uplifting, your outlook will be the same.

What you think about most makes you what you are. It’s the repetition of the same old negative thoughts that keeps you stuck. If you want to change your attitude, use the same repetitive method. Repetitive, self-empowering thoughts are the key.

This transformation will be gradual and require persistence. Once you adopt these positive affirmations, don’t get discouraged if your negative thoughts don’t immediately disappear. Keep at it and you will soon see definite results.

©Jane Powell – Meditations for Women

Today’s Affirmation: My thoughts are positive and self-empowering.


Be Honest…How Well Do You Know Yourself?

“There are many ways to know yourself.”

You are a multifaceted person. Discovering yourself can be the adventure of a lifetime. Learning how comfortable or uncomfortable you are in certain situations, if you’re outgoing or quiet, what makes you happy or sad, and knowing what you’re good at and what you’re not, is part of nurturing a balanced life. Do you know all those things about yourself? Or, are you too busy, too stressed, or too focused on someone else to care?

Knowing as much as you can about yourself makes decision-making easier. When you know “you,” it’s easier to ensure that your choices are the right ones. This knowledge is your key to harmony and balance. So, take the time to know yourself. It’s the only way to make certain that you live a happy, fulfilling life.

©Jane Powell – Meditations for Women

Today’s Affirmation: I know myself.


Daily teaching


Here are four fundamental things to do to manifest money using the law of attraction.
1. Think more thoughts in a day of abundance than of lack of money.
2. Be happy now, without the money.
3. Be truly grateful for everything you have now.
4. Give the best of yourself to others.
Four easy steps. You can do them if you want it enough.