Shortly After Midnight

Shortly after midnight
Into your room I go
And stand there gazing down at you
With eyes that love you so
Your head upon the pillow
Your arms down at your side
Your lips in a faint smile
Then next to you I slide

I kiss your eyelids softly
Run fingers through your hair
I feel your breath upon me
Do you know I’m there?
I put my arms around you
And hold you, oh so near
I whisper of my love for you
Although you cannot hear

I cherish every moment as
I hold you close, my dear
For time goes by so quickly
And morning’s almost near
Though’ you won’t know I’ve been there
With you throughout the night
My love for you is ever close….
As darkness is to light


Jolin Tsai Concert

Jolin Tsai (蔡依林) Myself Live in Malaysia Concert at Stadium Merdeka on 11th June 2011 @ 8pm. Official radio station is MYFM, will MIXFM is the supporting station and they giving out 5 pairs of ticket worth RM388 each.

Since, she will be staying and the official hotel is HILTON Kuala Lumpur. I was hoping my sister can get some free ticket and is worth RM100++ will do..hehe!!!


Wind Beneath My Wings

Your love for me that is so intense
Makes my eyes glow, full of radiance
That even in the darkness of the night
I can vividly see your face with a smile

Your smile that touches my heart
Even in my darkest hour
That I feel I cant carry on
Pushes me up , to stood still
For you are the wind beneath my wings

You are just there at my side
Even without telling anything
Keep me on the go
For I know I have you
And you are the wind beneath my wings

My wings that sometimes cannot fly
For it lack strength and endurance
But since you are there, I know I can
For you are the wind beneath my wings….


~Thank you, thank you~

This month i did post at lot of articles in my blog and i really appreciated those who view it. I also surprised the highest ranking is about 553 following by 538 and sometime less and sometime more. Normally, I prefer to post Love poems (my favourite), Fiction, Self motivation, and my daily activities. Lately i add another column for quotes from Nubia group. I love they quotes..is lovely. There even have 390 comments waiting for me to approved. 

I would like to say Thank You all.


Seasons of Love

In winter, it’s romance we will chase
Cuddled up so close, by the fireplace
Snowflakes as beautiful as your eyes
Falling, from December’s winter sky.

In springtime when the rain is falling
Morning birds sing, flowers blossom
It’s with you, I’ll kiss in pouring rain
It’s you darling, that my heart gained.

In summer it’s under the stars we lay
Tonight, as the moon comes our way
It’s in my arms I’ll hold you tight, as
Romance fulfills this moon lite night.

In autumn, leaves fall from their tree
Yellow, orange, red, and some green
They tumble to the ground so quietly
Still it’s your love, that’s guiding me.

Although seasons, eventually change
It’s in my heart darling you’ll remain
It’s you my heart truly grown to love
Together through the seasons of love.


The Waste in Worry

 If we were to keep a record of all the things we worried about during a given period of time, we would discover–in reviewing them–that the great majority of our anticipated problems or troubles never come to pass. This means that most of the time we devote to worrying, even the constructive kind that prompts us to try to come up with a solution to what is troubling us, is wasted. Thus, we not only caused ourself unnecessary mental anguish, but also took up valuable minutes and hours that could have been spent elsewhere.

 To avoid this, it is often necessary to subject potential sources of worry to the coldly objective and analytical light of reason. Once, sortly before a major concert before a standing-room- only audience, a member of Arturo Toscanini’s orchestra approached the great Italian conductor with an expression of sheer terror on his face. “Maestro,” the musician fretted, “my instrument is not working properly. I cannot reach the note of E-flat. Whatever will I do? We are to begin in a few moments.”

 Toscanini looked at the man with utter amazement. Then he smiled kindly and placed an are around his shoulders. “My friend,” the maestro replied, “Do not worry about it. The note E-flat does not appear anywhere in the music that you will be playing this evening.”

 The next time we find ourselves in the middle of worrying about some matter, we might be wise to stop and ask ourselves what the odds are of the problem really coming to pass. We may be able to go on to something more constructive.

 Author : Brad Stevens