Someone, Somewhere

Life has been such a struggle for me,
Nothing is going right.
I am so weak and lost and afraid,
My days are dark as night.
I cry out to God but just can’t find the words,
This pain just won’t go away.
Then hope fills my soul and I start to believe,
That things will get better today.

I know that someone is praying for me,
I can feel it in my heart.
Tears filled my eyes and I almost gave up,
My heart felt so ripped apart.
But someone, somewhere said a prayer for me,
God knew just what to do.
For He knew my struggles and sent me someone,
To pray to get me through.

I know that someone is praying for me,
Cause I couldn’t do it myself.
Then in an instant I felt so free,
He took care of me by Himself.
He asked someone loving to answer His call,
Someone who really does care.
To lift me up to our heavenly Lord,
A dear friend out there somewhere.

Life is still a struggle for me,
But I get on my knees and pray.
Although I am weak I’m much stronger now,
There’s sunshine back in my day.
It makes all the difference knowing someone,
Really cares about me.
For God sent me someone, somewhere out there,
To pray on behalf of me.

If the Lord leads you to pray for someone,
A friend or someone unknown,
Don’t look away for God needs your help,
And to you He has shown.
Your love and kindness could change someone’s life,
Although they may not know you.
The life that you helped could have been mine,
And to you I say, THANK-YOU!

I know what it’s like to have someone, somewhere,
Ask the Lord to guide me.
I felt so alone, but that prayer changed my life,
And set my heart so free.
I’ll keep my heart open and listen for God,
Then I’ll pray to Him for you.
For I want to be that someone, somewhere,
Who God can use for you.

4 Steps to enjoy every moment

All too often people take life, and all of the great things that it offers, for granted. People realize how much something means to them only after it is taken away. There is a reason for this; it is difficult to appreciate things in life because it is difficult to picture yourself without them.
An example will help to explain this point more clearly. Imagine sitting at a table nearly 100 feet long. On this table are hundreds of different foods.
Main courses, deserts, drinks, and more cover every inch of the table. You are all alone, and all that the table offers is for you.
Now try and not take this food for granted. Try to appreciate it like it
will be gone tomorrow. It isn’t easy. It is hard to not take this food for granted when there is so much in front of you.
This example can be transferred to many things in life. One may see that
same point in life itself. People say live life to the fullest, and to
appreciate every day you have. This is difficult for the majority of people because, just the like the food, there are so many days left. When you know you’ll be around for 40 more years, it is hard to think about today being your last day.
Don’t lose hope, there is an answer. It’s called the Step Back. This quick system will help you to appreciate your life, and all that is offers.
Moments filled with happiness and excitement will no longer be unappreciated and taken for granted.
The first step is to realize that you are in the middle of something good.
It could be a beautiful day on your family vacation, or a perfect afternoon with your children. You are the judge of what moments you’d like to appreciate.
This is the main part of the system. Once you realize you are experiencing a moment you’d like to have last forever, stop yourself for a moment and take a Step Back.
Take yourself away from the situation. Take a short walk, a quick break, or simply close your eyes.
Once you are removed from the situation, think about it as if it happened in the past.
Picture how happy you were, the details of the scene, and the others around you. Feel the emotions you felt, see and hear the faces and sounds. Remember how much you enjoyed the time, and how much you’d like to enjoy it again.
Once you feel the happiness of the moment, think about this; it’s no longer in the past, it’s right now! You just thought about how great you felt in that past moment, and now you can live it in the present.
You just appreciated the current moment by looking back on the situation.
Once you are in the middle of the moment again, remember…
This will be a moment that, like all others, will eventually pass. With this in mind, really let it sink in. Take a look around, and realize you are in the middle of something great.
Taking a Step Back every now and then will help you appreciate life. No
longer will you be one who takes life for granted. You will make happy
moments happier, and you will also help to make them last forever.

**I Wish**

i wish you knew how much
I wanna spend time with you
i wish that I could find out
your favorite things
so we can do them together
i wish I could hold you in my arms
and never let you go
i wish i could tell you what’s on my mind
i wish for the day that you are mine
i wish I wasn’t scared
to let you know how I feel

*LoVely StoRy*

I almost finish up this really I finish I feel like crying, but I don’t feel it when I saw the movie. This story is a love story of Noah and Allie…when she suffer the early stages of Alzheimer’s, she was afraid. No matter what happen he will always by her side. She keep all the letter that he send to her when they separated when they young. Now he keep it , sometime he enjoy reading bits and pieces of them. When he sift through them he realize that romance and passion are possible at any age.

I love this verse…you are always here with me when I do so, at least in my heart, and it is impossible for me to remember a time when you were not a part of me. I do not know who I would have become had you never come back to me, but I doubt that I would have lived and died with regrets that thankfully I’ll never know. I love you, Allie. I’m who I am because of you. You are every reason, every hope and I every dream I’ve ever had, and no matter what happens to us in the future, every day we are together the greatest day of my life. I will always be yours. And my darling, you will always be mine… (that so sweet- I wish some day some one be able to tell me that….)

Another letter that she wrote to him before she knew that she suffer from said :-You are my best friend as well as my lover, and I do not know which side of you I enjoy the most the most. I treasure each side, just as u have treasured our life together. You have something inside you, something beautiful and strong. Kindness, that’s what I see when I look at you, that’s what every one sees. Kindness. You are the most forgiving and peaceful man I know. God is with you. He must be for you are the closest thing to an angel that I’ve ever met.
Please don’t be angry with me on days I do not remember you, and we both know they will come. Know that I love you, that I always will and that no matt what happens, know I have led the greatest life possible. My life with you.
And if you save this letter to read again,then I believe what I am writing for you now. Wherever you are and whenever this is I love you. I love you now as I write this,and I love you now as you read this. And I am so sorry if I am not able to tell you. I love you deeply, my husband. You are and always have been my dream.