**Vision of a Dream**

Sleeping, I’m dreaming visions of you
I feel you’re around me, feel your presents
Watching over me like you always do
And the air around me carries you scents

Holding my hand,
And touching my face
Just you and me,
In this peaceful place

We’ll drift away, on a gentle breeze
Where the heavens meet above the clouds
So far above the deepest blue seas
We’ll be alone away from the crowds

Still in my arms I held you tight,
I gently kissed your lips, sweet and tender,
As the fire-filled sky gave way to night.
Caught up in the night’s magic and splendor.

We’ll glide across the stars that spell your name
And on to wards the end of time and space
Through the sun and it’s burning flames
As we hold each other in an eternal embrace

Together we’ll test the bounds of forever
We’ll find the place our hearts have longed for
We won’t give up, there’ll be no surrender
In each other is where we’ll be Forevermore 

^^for my one and only ^^

i never thought this would happen,
that i think of you every now and then,
it’s weird how it turned out this way,
just merely your presence completes my day.

the way you make me smile,
in your own crazy style,
gives me an idea that you were sent,
that when i’m down, you’ll be my strength.

for the simple yet sweet things you’ve done,
for the moments of laughter and fun,
i’ve known a great part of you,
even though i never planned to.

no one knows if this will be forever,
but there’s one thing i want you to remember,
just be there as you always do,
‘coz i can’t afford to lose someone like you

My dear diary 25th feb

Not busy in the morning-thought of booking tix thru airasia-done everything computer hang-got feed up, close the tabs. Awi ask us whether we want to got out to JJ..wherelse and we eating at food court. Actually they have lot of variety but I don’t really like the food there.

Boss come in just after we back from JJ..ask me to write appeal letter to GE…which I did very fast and he approved of what I wrote. Trying to write mail to Sherine, have lot of things that I need to tell her. Boss out quite late-just check in my mail for a while.

Evening have dinner with Columbia staff-especially Kuan, Wong, Angie, Jenny, Mr Hoong and See.. supposed is 7pm and heavy rain and everyone is late. Kuan is the 1 who fetch me every though Jenny is the nearest 1. We having a good time, laughing away. We all go home about 10pm. As usual getting angpow from Kuan and Wong only, both of them give me each year. Kuan suddenly ask me about him and I tell her everything that I have been thru-from the beginning, actually he didn’t do anything at all-whether to me wif me or come over.. she ask me to forget about him-nv take a step forward.. tell her don’t worry about me- I’m fine with it.

Yesterday Elaine “belanja” every PA lunch at u – lucky at 12.30pm before 4 training. Interesting training called “PRUMY CHILD . Load of ppl in the room and I come out bout 4pm.

PH today-didn’t go anywhere-so sleepy but cannot get to sleep but online—posting poem + checking my mail + Farmville, what else in FB. Going out with Angie tomorrow noon…I think when she send her girl to tuition…but  I didn’t tell her about him, that only she ask me about it…other than that forget about it.

^^so In LoVe with YoU^^

Sitting here alone, looking at your photos      
Because it’s all I have of you right now
I can feel my love inside as it still grows
And I wish that I could make you feel it somehow

My love the deeper I look, I can feel your hand
Pressing softly against my chest, on my heart
And I know now, you’ve made me understand
That you’d never again tear my world apart

Oh baby I can see everything I do
Because I’m so in love with you
I can feel this time my heart is true
Because I’m so in love with you
I’m so in love with you

Looking at your lips, I hear you whisper my love
Just like you’re standing here beside me
I can feel you there, my angel my truelove
I can feel your warmth running so free 

My Tears , My Fears…..

I never knew love could
Be this way
I couldn’t see the pain and tears
And now their here to stay

Even though it’s been a lifetime now
The memories are as clear as yesterday
But I can’t see where we went wrong and how
I’m left wishing we could
go back to that one day

My Dreaming nights are filled with tears
And the words I speak are sounds of cries
It’s always been hard for me to sleep
Because my soul is filled with fears
And a past that’s filled with endless lies

I’ve done so many things, but none where right
I’ve lived my life with nothing to show
So it’s time now, time to walk to the light
Cause I don’t have anywhere else to go…


One Look, I was captured by your eyes
Left staring into your deepest parts
Where you passion and your loves lies
The place where I see our hearts

One Touch, I was brought down to me knees
So warm, so gently and feelings so strong
They entered every part of me with such ease
Gave me a taste of love, I saw where I belong

One Kiss, I was ready to take to the skies
Flying by your side, forever soaring so free
Under your wings seeing the world
through your eyes
And letting the moon and stars
shine on you and me

One Word, I felt you opening my soul
I felt your presence deep inside burning
You filled every empty space every hole
You gave me all I needed, gave me everything

^^My SouL^^

My Soul lies beyond the clouds and space
That’s where it waits for you; burning bright
Wanting your gentle touch, your warm embrace
The caress of your wings,
where everything’s all right

Spread your wings and fly towards me
Rise to the heavens with your guiding heart
Following the voice of my soul, follow its plea
You’ll never be alone we’ll never be apart

It’s counted every second you’ve been away
Waiting restlessly, faithfully it’ll always wait
For your return home, for you to stay
I’ve always known from the start you’re my fate

So here I am waiting and I’ll wait for a lifetime
Because I’ve known that all I’ve needed is you
My heart’s always wanted you
even after all this time
It’s always dreamt of finding a love so true