Why I love you

It’s the way you hold me and all my pain disappears.
It’s the way you kiss me and I have no more tears.
When I look into your eyes,
And I know there will never be any lies,

It’s the way your eyes capture my heart,
And I hope we will never part.
It’s the way you smell the way you do.
The way you listen when I know you don’t want to.

The way you make me smile whenever I think of your name.
Now I know I have you, I will never be the same.
I love you for everything you do and everything you say.
My feelings for you quadruple every single day.

I love you with all my heart
And I hope we will never part.
I LOVE YOU, always and forever
And I will never leave you… ever.



When I’m with you my heart pounds,
When I’m without you my heart drowns,
In the tears that I’ve cried,
From the days when you’ve lied,

How am I to live this life of sadness and sorrow,
From the day I met you I loved you like there was no tommorow,
What I’ll do without you the answer is not clear,
What I know for sure is that I want you here

It’s true I want to be with you again,
I want my hearts exhilleration to begin,
I love you for you,
I hate you for what you put me through,

But for the slip of love that you’ve shown,
I want to make it known,
That no matter what you do,
I will always love you.


Not Shown

I can’t tell you how i feel
all i know is that my love is real

i’ve been wanting you ever since the first day
but the truth is what i can’t say

even though i know rite now we can never be
in my eyes you’ll always be the woman i see

in my heart i carved your name
and my feelings towards you will always stay the same

sometimes i pray that i see your face
sometimes i wish i was in your arms
i just look at you and stare
and remember how life isn’t fair

while i was looking cupid did his job
and now loving you is something i can’t stop

i think about you in every breath i take
you’re on my mind when i’m asleep and awake

i really want to touch your beautiful velvet skin
just letting you go might be a sin

you’re never too close, you’re always so far
but in my sky you’ll always be a star

people say there’s no love from the first sight
but when i saw you i knew that they were wrong and i was right

because now i love you more than anything i’ve ever known
and i guess that real love is the love that’s not shown


A lifetime of Love

Our love will always seeks happiness and joy
The one thing we cherish that can’t be destroyed

Life is so short let’s hold it forever
It’s you that I want and it’s you that I treasure

Your kisses of love, grasp a hold of my heart
There’s nothing in this world that can keep us apart

Our bond is the key to our lifetime of dreams
And our hearts is without blemish and forever clean

I thank you dear god for sending him to me
Let’s let everyone know we were meant to be