Another weekend….

Out with Lam to watch movie “toy story 3” at MBO. The movie is nice.. then heading home. Bout 7pm going to Popular at JJ with Pui Yee, then going to ‘tau pau’ at mamak store…nasi pataya..and nasi goreng kampung..sedap and wangi pula..
At night chat with these online guys, a lot all the sudden..
Sun..normally didnt go out but Lily is bore, so I go out with her, actually to JJ but lot of ppl, so she told me bout Ocean.. the though is to drink root beer float at A & W , but sudah tutup..*sigh*
Online for a while chat with Robert in the evening + night time. Bernice send me a msg..ask me to call her 2morow at the hospital…

^^From this Moment^^

I may have implied to you
in my letters many years ago.
How my heart wants and needs you
But you didn’t recognize
‘coz there’s so many around you
But I was just there on one side
Waiting for my chance
to show how much I love you

And now, knowing how you felt
Somehow eases the pain in my heart
Knowing I really have a place in your heart
Made me feel I should have insisted the feelings
I have for you, and should not keep it inside

Now that I have the chance
to show how much I love you
How much my heart wants and needs you
This is the moment in time that
I will not let this pass without being with you

From this moment,
I will love you as long as I live
I will caress and hold you
And make love to you all through out the nights that I am with you
For my dreams came true because of YOU


Look deep inside me, can you see the flame
It burns so bright, it burns only for you
It’ll never fade, forever it will always remain
Faithfully it will always be true

Lay your hand on me, feel my heart beat
To your voice, to your gentle caress
This heart is yours with a love so sweet
Faithfully my love you I’ll always confess

Look into my eyes, where your soul lives
See the emotions stirring that I can’t control
Feel its strength, feel the passion it gives
Faithfully I’ll cherish your soul

Enter my dreams, journey through my mind
And fly with me freely in our own place
Where all our troubles will be left behind
As I faithfully I’ll hold you in my embrace


Feeling so hurt, so lost and alone
Feelings left on the floor in pieces
Shattered dreams, now I’m on my own
Won’t be long til my heart increases

Empty….is what I am without you
Empty….forever now without you

My mind’s restless, my mind spinning around
Never thought I’d see the day, you’d walk away
Leaving my heart in pieces all over the ground
I know I will never be the same, never be okay

Empty….is what I am without you
Empty….forever now without you

I feel my soul dying, soon the tears will fall
Down my face like falling rain, pouring rain
Cries so loud, angels will hear there call
For so many years from a broken heart in pain

Empty….is what I am without you
Empty….forever now without you

My week

Boss, going down to KL..but they come back early about lunch time, but lucky he didn’t come up to office. Going out with Ila to get lunch, online in the with the Dr Robert, Bradon and Dee Moore and everyone wanted me to on my cam. I only chat with Robert but since I’m on it…so I don’t mind at all.
So, do 2 chat with Robert and Bradon as well. He also want me to on my cam too. I like to chat with him and now he consider me as his future wife. I only chat with him for a couple of time, so fast he fall for me.. I’m too attractive, lol /he like me to who I am.
At night Lily come to look for me, so I tell her bout those guys. Davis also chat with me but I’m not going to do what he want me too..*dangerous*
He didn’t online on wed.. but I chat with other night too..really bore but I’m tired though.
Thur also bore, boss come in the morning, he going out for lunch then come back to finish up his things- Dan also here, he took my broadband to submit his income tax, but I ask whether he ant to use it again otherwise I wanted to use it. I so boring at noon, chat with Bradon, Zainuddin and some1 else. Dr Robert is not here for me..a bit upset. Zainuddin call me but I didn’t answer at first cos some1 was here but I call him back after I check who’s hp was that…
Going home late, heng want to send me to SCB to apply for loan.. going to the Store supermarket- mum wanted to get something. Online for an hours chat with 2 new guys. Dr Robert chat for a while but my line is I off it, but he said I left him *lol*
Friday- boring too, nothing much to do.. but I just type client name convienence for him to make who to send..beside that I chat with Robert..guess what he call me, we chat for awhile and we also on cam..his English is hard for me to listen..haha!!!! he told me I have a sweet voice..geez*blush*blush*
Send him an sms but no reply..but he send me an offline msg.

Myweek…at putrajaya

Friday going to putrajaya for the career fair..for 3 days. Boss pick me up in the office. Then we going for breakfast at Loh Yau Kee… Call Lam, inform her that I oledi make appointment for her to see Dr Intan at noon. We start our journey at 9am, boss using the Labu road, so we dont have to go thru highway. When we almost reach, the person in charge call boss, why we havent been there yet? need to do set up early.we see lot of ppl arriving at the venue. We done all the set up, then this KL agent is here.. his name is Kenji…he’s good when he talk with ppls. Dan Ooi come for a while to look at the place, we have Kebab for our lunch. Smsing Lam or call her, cos I really bore mah..dont know what to do…eventhough we meet lot of ppl from ONE Community. I really like that place is beautiful there.. maklumlah, first time kat situ.. i didnt walk around this day..there have this 1M international dragon boat is for local..but on weekend is for international one. we going off at 4.30pm, since i havent been there before, boss bring me around putrajaya…is building is really beautiful and nice. I told them, that im going to bring my camera.
In the evening, chat with Robert..he asking me so many question and go on cam..we did chat for quite some time.
On sat..Dan come an pick me up at 8.10am, going to boss hse, then we going for breakfast, cos we dont want to be late.
We do all the set up.. nothing much to do as well, but i do see lot of Mat Salleh walking around..havent got a chance to meet some1 ..*sad isn’t* I give Lam a call..tell her seen lot of english ppl, ask me to take photo of them…haha!!!! I bring my camera to walk around and take photo of the place although is quite far but the out come is not bad. Meet Ms Wong from One community, ask her to company me to have a walk, near the lake side and she helping me to take a photo of myself there.THen i heading back to the booth…where the 2 other KL agents is here. Ask Dan to walk around with me again.. Then this Ms Wong asking me and Foong to try on the machine, for 20 min, unfortunity i make the cushion dirty..god is so embarrassing. well of course Dan seen it..that why he told boss that i dont feel well. I going to the washroom after the incident, call Lam bout it too…that was almost 1.30pm, the opening ceremony is going to be start 2pm. They have dancing from other participant. I took lot of photo of them. Boss call when i didnt go back,ask me whether im sick, then he say that Dan Ooi, is going to buy us lunch, but he still not here yet. I enjoy those ppl there, i didnt go back till he call again at 3pm. I feel hungry oledi, though i doesn’t want to go but my stomach is not good loh.. After i went back to booth, the rain started…
After the rain stop, the ceremony still get going and I still walking around taking photo.. Boss ask me whether i want to come again on sun, but i ask, what if i dont, so he agree that i dont have to go… yea..yea.Thank to Dan..who tell boss that i dont feel well.
we all start packing at 4pm and heading home, Dan send me home.
Relax on sun, that was great..going to hair saloon to have my hair do for dinner in the evening

I love the Way…

I love the way you hold me
and make me feel safe
I love the way you care about your family
and the amount of love you have to give
I love the way you always help people
even when it’s inconvenient for you
I love the way you are so enthusiastic
about helping me
I love the way you’re so passionate
and persistent about doing what you love
I love the way you make me feel like
the most beautiful woman on earth
I love the way you’re very down to earth
and easy going
I love the way you perceive life
and what you want out of it
I love the way you make me laugh
even when I don’t think it’s possible
I love the way look into my eyes and kiss me
I love the way your smile makes me smile
I love the way you need me close when we lay
I love the way you’re so sweet,
but willing to defend me against all odds
I love the way your forehead crinkles
when you’re frustrated or confused
I love the way you show love
by recognizing the little things
I love the way you love me
I love everything about you