….my week continue……

This morning (22/7) when I’m on my fb… I saw his msg…making me sick.. guess what he delete my name in his list… actually I’m happy that he do that cos I dont have to see anything that he post. So I wrote in my fb profile..*finally, someone is happily get rid of me….. I told Ila bout it, she say he really cannot take it anymore.. nothing to do with me. At last I’m free.. I should do that, but I didnt know ‘why’ maybe I do care for him. Not anymore.
Call Alice today- we chat for so long..tell me about her trip to taiwan and hongkong too see “HINS” show.. She feel warm when he hugs her, she feel so nice and touching. She told me she wanted to cry.
She may go again in Sept (beginning). At evening chat with Leo, Bernice and Brandon..both sending me stuff……*sad*

My week….^_^

Tue (20/7) boss and Dan come to office almost the whole day..damn boring..both of them went ouf for lunch for 2 hrs. Dan using my broadband..so I was so boring.
At night going online..chat with Bernice, Brandon, Wisley and Hector. First time chatting with Brandon and Hector..but Hector is abit busy, so is only for a while. As for Brandon, we do chat till he have an emergency at at factory. We exchange phone no for the first time. Going to bed when mum get home.
Wed (21/7) Boss and Dan pergi KL..as for my boss, he have training to attend, so I was very very free.. online chatting with Leo.. we chat for quit some time, we talk bout the company that he working.. so I ask him whether he can design cloth for me?? He told me that his company having promotion-free gift…ask me for my sizes for shoe, trouser and shirt?? but I didnt know about the sizes..normally there size is big. He’ll send those to me..asking for my add and tel no. Well, i give to him.. he give me his as well… I was surprised when he call me, as we were chatting. He say that I have a lovely sweet voice. I can’t see who is calling me cos is only show *withheld* so I won’t know who.. after we put down our phone..we continue to talk. Bout 11am, Brandon call me too… I really surprised actually Brandon call me 3 times but miss 1 time. He call me again when i get home. Chat with Wesley as well… he make me crazy…lol
Online quit late in the evening..I thought I don’t have to chat with anyone..but they chat with me like Brandon follow by Hector then Micheal. Guess what when I chat with Micheal this time.. I fell he is okie..easy to chat with, he told me that when we chat for the 1st time, he scary of me.. I told him.. u r very serious when we chat and i told him i meet some1 ..so he ask me to be careful. Actually I just purposly make up the story, that what I saw in the movie *SOmeone Like You*.. He laught a lot, he say that I was funny and I make him my friend now, I chat with him and Brandon till 11pm. Brandon send me his flight schedules to me, he coming here for holiday, on the 28th July and i guess he be here on the next day…and leaving on the 5th aug…….

^^Without You^^

Without you
The rainbow has lost all color
No pinks, nor yellow nor blue!
My heart is as if a desert with no sand
without you!

Without you
The sun has lost its glow
Knowing I will never see you is
more than I can bear to know

Without you!
A lifetime full of dreams remain unfulfilled
The passion and desire you awoke
have now been stilled

Without you!
The ocean now travels backwards
towards the sea

Without you
There simply is no me!

Without you
A world that just felt right
Has become as bleak and dark as midnight!

Without you
The joy and laughter
have flown south with fall’s flock
Nothing left of destiny except her bitter mock

Without you
I am surrounded by reminders of so many things
Pain is what each memory brings!

Without you
As each moment has passed
I am haunted by a love
that was destined to last!

Without you
And the window to such an amazing soul
The hours will stretch to years
until they finally take their toll!

Without you
The universe has lost its brightest star

Without you
Wherever you are!
Nothing in my world will ever be the same

Without you
Didn’t your heart hear mine
whispering your name?

Without you
And your indelible touch

Without you
I miss you so, so much!

I Love You

These are only words
But words that have many meanings
Making someone inspired and delighted
When being told by the one being loved

I love you…
The words that can melt the heart
Even as hard as stone
If sincere and honest since the start

I love you…
The words that are commonly uttered
By lovers who have deep emotions
Emotions moving from the bottom of the heart
Reaching up above the skies
flowing like the clouds

I love you…
These are only words
But they can keep you company
When the one you love is far from you

I’ll Be right here waiting

I know how hard is to wait
Waiting for you, my love
When I know you are so near yet so far
So near because I have your heart
But so far coz you don’t know
When you can come here at my side

But even then, I am still here
Waiting for you to come along
Even I don’t know exactly when
You will be with me
To share the love that is for me

I’ll be right here waiting
For you to make a way
A way for me, to let me know
The feelings inside your heart
Which you have kept
since the time you have loved me

I’ll be right here waiting
Even if it takes me hundreds of days and nights
Waiting all alone for you
To fill the emptiness here in my heart

The emptiness that only you can fill
Because it’s only you who is being loved
By my heart since the start

And I will just be here waiting
Waiting for the day we will share
The love we have kept inside
Deep down inside our hearts

Her unexpected Cowboy-Chapter 8

Madison stood in the dim light of Callum’s apartment at his ranch and began unbuttoning his shirt, her heart rate increasing with each button released from its confines.
“Are you sure about this?” Callum asked.
He slid his hands along her jaw and lifted her face to kiss her. And kiss her, he did—thoroughly.
The rest of their clothes joined the pile on the floor.
“You’re beautiful,” Callum said.
She ran her hand over his sculpted chest. “So are you.”
They fell onto the bed and into each other’s arms. All her worries, all her questions about the future faded away as Callum Cody, her most unexpected cowboy, made love to her.

Over the next week, Madison and Callum spent every evening together after he brought Jason home from work. Once, she cooked for the entire Cody clan. She loved seeing the attention the family showered on her brother, watching him coming out of his dark hole. Another night, Callum helped her organize documents for the book project. They went riding and talked about her parents. But no matter what they did, the evening always ended with her in his arms, most often just kissing. But they did make love on a blanket beneath the stars during a break in that ride over the Cottonwood.
“You’re in love with him, aren’t you?”
Madison looked up from where she was making a surprise lunch for Jason and Callum to take to Pebble Creek. Elly had come in from her morning practice session and was leaning against the kitchen counter.
“Yeah, I think I am.”
“Are you going to stay?”
“I don’t know. I mean, my whole life is back in Phoenix.”
“No, it’s not.” Elly extended a copy of the Cody Enterprise. “Maybe this will help you make up your mind.”
When Elly headed for her room, Madison looked down at the paper, at an ad circled in red. “Opening for a high–school American History teacher. Apply at Cody High School.”

“This one’s got the devil in him,” Harry said as he tried to get one of the bucking horses to cooperate long enough to usher the animal from his stall to the arena. About the time he said it, the horse jerked in the opposite direction and headed straight for where Jason was standing at the entrance to the barn.
“Watch out!” Callum called.
The horse snorted and kicked, barely missing the boy. Jason was smart enough to get out of the way, though, and dived for the dirt to the right of the doorway.
“You okay?” Callum asked when he made it outside.
Already, Jason was standing and dusting himself off. The kid had the makings of a good cowboy.
An anguished cry and movement beyond the barn caught their attention. Madison dropped a picnic basket and raced to her brother. “Are you hurt?” She tried to search his body for injury, but he stepped out of her reach.
“I’m fine. Stop worrying.”
Madison rounded on Callum. “This is what you have him doing? Working around dangerous animals?”
“No, he has orders to stay away from the bucking stock.”
“That’s not what it looked like. Jason, get in the car. We’re leaving.”
Madison jerked her attention to Jason. “What do you mean, no?”
“I mean, I’m not leaving. I like working here. I’m learning to ride, how to run a ranch. I want to ride in a rodeo at some point.”
Madison looked like she was going to have a stroke.
“Jason, go on in the barn so I can talk to your sister.”
Madison looked like she might cry as her brother did Callum’s bidding and not hers.
“I know it might not look like it now, but we take really good care of him here. I would never put him in harm’s way on purpose.”
“Isn’t that what encouraging this rodeo nonsense is doing?”
“Rodeo is what finally set me straight when I was as wild as a buck,” he said. “And I think it’s also going to do that for Jason.”
When she looked up at him, there were fat tears in her eyes. “He’s all I have left. I can’t lose him, too.”
Callum couldn’t stand seeing the hurt back in her eyes, so he pulled her to him, surprised she let him. “You won’t. I promise.”

Madison didn’t sleep all night. The part of her that wanted to protect Jason kept up a constant wrestling match with the part that wanted to make him happy again. She slipped out of the house just as the barest hint of daylight was making its appearance, and took a long walk around the ranch, imagining herself living in Wyoming permanently. If she could get the high–school position and Jason didn’t need so much supervision anymore, maybe that would leave more time for writing books.
As she returned to the house, she found Jason sitting on the top of the front steps waiting for Callum. She sank down beside him and counted it a victory that he didn’t move away.
“I’m sorry,” he said out of the blue.
“For what?”
“Everything. Being so awful since…Mom and Dad died.”
Tears pooled in Madison’s eyes. “I know it’s been hard. I’m sorry I couldn’t make it better.”
“You did.” He reached over and took her hand.
Madison pulled her brother into her arms. “I love you, Jason. I just want to see you happy again.”
“I love you, too.” He pulled away. “And I am happy.”
She looked at him. “Here in Wyoming?”
He nodded.
“You really want to try rodeo?”
“I think so. Callum says it’ll be awhile before I’m ready to even try, but I’m willing to wait.”
“You really like him, don’t you?”
“He’s cool. And he likes you.”
“You think?”
Jason rolled his eyes. “It’s obvious. You’re both kind of sickening about it.”
Madison laughed and ruffled her brother’s hair. Her heart swelled with happiness, and it was all because of the man driving up the ranch’s entrance road.

Madison could barely contain her excitement as she drove toward the Pebble Creek Ranch later that day. She couldn’t wait until Callum brought Jason home to share her news. Within ten minutes of walking into the office at Cody High School, she’d had the job as the new American History teacher. She didn’t even look at it as a demotion from her college position because it was going to allow her and Jason to start a new life, one she hoped would include Callum Cody.
When she reached the ranch, she went straight to the barn and found him alone outside the stalls. She didn’t stop as she walked into his arms and kissed him with all the energy surging through her body.
“Nice to see you, too,” he said on a laugh when she finally ended the kiss.
“Do you think you can train Jason to be a rodeo cowboy?”
His eyes narrowed. “What’s going on?”
“The permanent population of Park County just increased by two.”
“You’re not going back to Phoenix?”
He smiled. “Then I guess I don’t have to convince you to stay before I do this.” He dropped to one knee and pulled something out of his shirt pocket. When he opened the velvet box, she gasped.
“I know it sounds crazy, but I’ve fallen head over heels in love with you, Madison Gray. And you’d make me very happy if you’d be my wife.”
“I love you, too. Yes!”
Callum got to his feet and slid the ring on her finger. “It’s an antique, originally sold to finance a family’s trip along the Oregon Trail.”
“It’s perfect.” She looked up at him. “You’re perfect.”
He pulled her close. “You, me, Jason. We’ll make the perfect family.”
Of that she had no doubt.
The End

Her unexpected Cowboy-Chapter 7

Madison retreated to her room to change–and try to get her racing heart under control. She was going out, on a date, with Callum Cody. She wondered if she had enough willpower to keep her hands off him at least until after they ate dinner. She stifled a giggle and got to work looking for something date–worthy to wear. Needless to say, dinner with a gorgeous man had been the farthest thing from her mind when she’d been packing for this trip, but she finally managed to come up with some nicer jeans and a purple top with a hint of ruffle. She added some silver jewelry and some purple espadrilles to complete the outfit, and brushed her hair.
When she walked back into the living room, more Codys had appeared—Elly and her brothers. A whistle of appreciation drew her attention to Dusty.
“I think I’m in love,” he said.
“I’d hate to have to teach you some manners,” Callum said, sounding possessive, but not in a scary way. No, that hint of “my woman” in his words made her go all warm and eager all over.
Laughter filled the room, and Dex punched his twin, Dusty, playfully in the arm.
“Ignore these idiots and go have fun,” Elly said. “We’ll keep Jason busy.”
Madison scanned the room and noticed the cards on the dining–room table. “What’s going on?” With all Jason’s issues the past several months, the last thing he needed was to start gambling.
“Don’t worry, we’re playing for peanuts,” Elly said.
“Literally.” Dex held up an industrial–size can of peanuts.
Callum placed his hand on her back and urged her toward the door. He leaned close to her ear. “Stop worrying. He won’t get in any trouble.”
Madison took a deep breath and gave herself over to a night for herself.
Callum held her hand in the dark of the truck’s cab as he drove. She hoped he couldn’t feel how rapid her pulse was. It had been so long since she’d been out on a date. Since her parents’ death, she’d had no time for anything but Jason and work. It felt so good, so right to have a night where she could indulge in what she wanted.
And she wanted Callum Cody.
As they rolled into Markton, the tiny town nearest the Cottonwood Ranch, an odd sense of rightness came over her. This couldn’t be any more different than Phoenix, and yet it called to her. Maybe it was that the quiet, laid–back, peaceful atmosphere was such a balm after the past tumultuous months.
Callum pulled into the crowded parking lot next to the Sagebrush Diner. “Here we are, Markton’s finest dining. Unless you want to go into Cody for something a little nicer.”
“No, this is great.”
Callum looked across the truck at her. “You do know I’m going to kiss you again before this night is through, don’t you?”
Anticipation surged through her body, tempting her to tell him they should just skip dinner and go right to…dessert.
Feeling a bit braver than she had in a long time, she leaned toward him. “I’m going to hold you to that.” Then with a laugh she pulled back and got out of the truck.
He caught up with her before she stepped up on the wooden porch of the restaurant. He wrapped his arm around her waist before opening the door for her.
“You have to let me get doors for you or they’ll take away my cowboy chivalry badge.”
“Well, we can’t have that.” A smile seemed to take possession of her face, and she welcomed it with open arms.
After they slipped into a booth, Madison looked around at the rustic, western décor. The obvious locals hanging out at the square bar in the middle of the restaurant.
“I know it’s not fancy like what you have in Phoenix,” Callum said.
“Are you kidding? I love it. It’s got way more personality than some fancy place.”
When the waitress finished taking their order, Callum reached across the table and took her hand. She let him, loving the feel of his warm palm, the roughness of his honest work calluses against her skin. Her face heated when she thought about those hands running over other parts of her body.
“What are you thinking about?” he asked. He didn’t miss anything.
She shook her head. “Nothing.”
“I don’t believe you.”
She met his eyes and got the distinct impression he was thinking about the same thing. Suddenly, it was very hard to sit still, to not squirm. Even when she’d been on dates before no one had ever affected her the way Callum did, and not so quickly. Something about him made her believe being cautious wasn’t always a good idea.

Somehow he would make it through this dinner despite the fact all he wanted to do was take Madison back to his place and make love to her all night long. He’d never been one for romantic notions, for believing in love at first sight, in settling down and having a family. But Madison Gray had changed all that, had him thinking about things like happily ever after. He was falling for her, and falling hard. Not smart when she wasn’t staying.
Unless he could convince her to stay.
“How’s the work on the book coming?” he asked.
“Great. I’m really getting excited about it. There’s such a rich history there.”
“I bet there are lots of things you could write about around here.”
She met his eyes, and it was so good to see they were bright with excitement instead of filled with hurt and exhaustion.
“You’re probably right.”
Throughout dinner, they talked about his days riding bareback on the rodeo circuit, her teaching, how Jason was getting the hang of ranch life.
“I can’t thank you enough for whatever you’ve done,” she said. “I’m just stunned by how quickly I’ve seen a change in Jason. I mean, I don’t fool myself. We still have a long way to go, but at least he’s not biting my head off anymore.”
“Maybe it’s just timing. One of those steps in the grieving process.”
“Maybe.” She stared down at her empty plate. “You know, I can still remember every word of the phone call when I found out Mom and Dad had been killed by the thugs of some warlord. They were there trying to help feed people, and they were killed over a few bags of grain.”
Callum squeezed her hand but didn’t know what to say to make it better. Maybe nothing would. “I’m sorry.”
She shook off the melancholy. “At least they were doing what they believed in. That gives me some comfort.” Madison squeezed his hand back. “I’m in the mood for a walk. Want to give me the grand tour of your metropolis?”
He paid the check and escorted her into the cool night. When she rubbed her bare arms, he went to the truck and retrieved his denim jacket for her.
He took her hand because he couldn’t bear not touching her. By the time he’d shown her everything Markton had to offer, holding her hand wasn’t enough. He tugged her off the sidewalk into the darkness next to the closed Markton Feed and Grain store.
“If I don’t kiss you, I’m going to explode.”
She looked up at him and smiled. “Then kiss me, cowboy.”