OuR loVe

our love has now become so strong
I believe together is where we belong
our love is exciting and sensual to the touch
because we love each other so very much
our love I hope will never die
cos it’s so intense it puts me on high
our love will last no matter what
cos the passion we have is so dammed hot
our love my darling was meant to be
together forever just you and me

LoVe Is…

I love to feel your passionate kiss
and your loving arms I truly miss
I love the way you touch my skin
with untold pleasures from deep within
I love the way you caress my soul
when we make love my body feels whole
I love the touch of your embrace
and the look of love upon your face
I love the way you make me feel
with your tender love “is this for real”
I love the thought of being together
to be as one for ever and ever

GooDbYe , My LoVE

I feel so weak, drained of my strength
My love is spent, there’s no more left
I lost my love, I’ll face the truth
Love of my life, love of my youth.

You hold her hand and kiss her lips
Look in her eyes, your voice so sweet
She has your love I treasured most
This time I know I loved and lost.

And now I know I have to go
A life ahead will be without you
I closed the chapter in my book
That spoke of happiness that you once brought.

Good bye dear heart, now I depart
So long, good luck, I know I will hurt
No need to fear, no more to hide
When tears do fall, my love good bye

I LoVe YoU alWaYs

I sit alone, and think of you
I think of all the things we do
The way we laugh, the way we cry
The way we’d love until we die
My mind seems crazy, without you here
So far away, but yet so near
You know I love you, I always will
Until the day that time stands still
The craziness we have is real
Why oh why, can’t I just feel
Your loving arms around me tight
We’d stay that way all through the night
And when the morning sun shines through
We’ll stay in bed, we wouldn’t move
A loving kiss, a touch, a moan
We’ll share with each other all we know
The beauty etched inside your heart
It made me love you from the start
We had no idea what we’d become
Why this love we felt is still so strong
My only guess is because it’s true

When yoU LoVe SoMeOnE

When you love someone
You will do anything
Anything crazy that sometimes
You can’t explain…

When you love someone
You will believe in lies
And hide the truth
When you love someone

When you love someone
You can feel it deep inside
Nothing can change your mind
You will give everything
And will not think of
The consequence of loving him
When you love someone…

When you love someone
You will not surrender
Loving him and keeping him
In your heart
even if it takes some pain…


I always wanted to see you
I always wanted to hug and kiss you
This are just my emotions of loving you
Loving you this much
Missing you so much

Emotions that lead me to be sad
Sad knowing you are too far
Too far to be with me
Because we are oceans apart

Emotions that brings me
Joy and happiness
Knowing you will be with me
To show me how much you
love and care for me…

NeVeR Let yoU Go

Here I am loving you
For I know you love me too
And I know we are meant to be
Coz God sent you back to me

It was the Lord above
Who makes a way
A way for us to be together
Coz He know how much
We have loved each other since the start

And now that we are back
Back to each other
I will never let you go
For I know I can’t live my life
Without you here at my side

Telling you now
How much you mean to me
I will be at a lost
If I will let you go

I need to fight for these feelings
I need to make a way
Even I know how hard it will be
For us to be together
But I have to keep you here at my side
For I can’t let you go
Coz I love you very much

I will never let you go…
For you are my life….
I breathe because of your love
The love that is so powerful
That even the Lord above
Can feel the intensity
And HE won’t let us forsaken
Coz I know
HE knows how immense our love is
for each other
And I will never let you go…