Nice Quotes

Join your lips with my lips,
Who are you let me know tonight.
Break yourself in my arms,
induce the energy of your soul in my emotions n feelings.
In your feelings in your emotions,
Drown me in your sensation.
This world of mine has lived up in your desperation.
Forget the rules, behave like me,
come at nights, wake me all the night.
Imagine that beautiful moment.
Your taste ,your fragnance want me to come close to you.
Let me listen your heart beats.
& let me love you tonight … ♥


First time I’ve met you
I’ve got a crush on you
But I don’t mind my feeling
Co’z it’s a stupid feeling I know

Sometimes I caught you
Looking at me also
How I wish the same feeling too.
Just like the feeling I feel for you.

I have my sleepless nights
Every time I think of you
But it doesn’t matter
If it is all about you.

As time goes by
I really wonder why?
My feelings, is just for you.
I think I’m madly in-love with you!