Poetry by Lang Leav- Patience

Patience and Love agreed to meet at a set time and place;beneath the twenty-third tree in the olive orchard. Patience arrived promptly and waited. She checked her watch every so often but still, there was no sign of Love.

Was it the twenty-third tree or fifty-sixth? She wondered and decided to check, just in case. As she made her way over to the fifty-sixth tree, Love arrived at twenty-three, where Patience was noticeably absent.

Love waited and waited before deciding he must have the wrong tree and perhaps it was another where they were supposed to meet.

Meanwhile, Patience had arrived at the fifty-sixth, where, Love was still nowhere to be seen.

Both begin to drift aimlessly around the olive orchard, almost meeting but never do.

Finally, Patience, who was feeling lost and resigned, found herself beneath the same tree where she began. She stood there for barely a minute when there was a tap on her shoulder.

It was Love.


“Where are you?” she asked. “I have been searching all my life.” “Stop looking for me,” Love replied, “and I will find you.”

Taken from Memories.

You make me

You make me feel like I can fly.
You make me strong when I’m weak.
You know who I am.
Even if I don’t know sometimes.
I see I can trust you.
You make me feel beautiful when I feel my worst.
I can cry on your shoulder.
You make me feel as if I belong
You make me better.
I use to think bad about myself.
I still do but not as much.
I don’t have to say you already can tell when something is wrong.
You tell me you love me, and I’m beautiful every day so I know this is real.
You are the cheat to my video game life.
I just cant stand being apart.
You are the only one who knows so much about me.
I miss you more then anything and you know it.
Love you forever.

For Avery

On the day you were born, to my surprise,
I saw a miracle with my own two eyes.
When you took your first breath, I fell in love
with the most beautiful girl- my gift from above.
God blessed me on the day he gave you to me.
I now know a love like none other could be.
You’ve brought sunshine to my world & I am proud to say,
You are such a blessing & I thank God every day!
I never knew I could love someone this much.
There’s not a piece of my heart that you haven’t touched.
I’m so proud & sometimes I’m amazed by you.
You’re so smart & funny & beautiful too!
Wherever you are, remember that I’m there too.
We live in each other- me in you & me in you.
I hope and pray that all your dreams come true.
Because mine did on the day that I had you.