ThRee simple words

Three words together
Are all I can find?
To tell you the way I feel
And so I say them
As I have before
But still
I want to tell you more

So I give you a kiss
And hold you tight
To go with my words so few
And try to express the way I feel
In a different way for you

Three words that’s all
No more can I find
To tell you the way I feel
And so I say them
Again, once more
I’ve told you before

Then you give me a kiss
And look into my eyes
That’s when you tell me too
These words
Three words
We both know will do

^^Only You^^

So far but yet near!!!
My love flows from so many sources
but directed to only one channel,
It falls as a rain
but only drop on one person,
It glows like a sun
but only shines on one person.
Who could this person be?
I wonder why it is so
but I later realised that
I can’t share my love with any other person
but only YOU, the one that makes me whole.

letter to Alice………….

My dear,

 Thank you for ur letter… glad u be able to write to me at last..haha!!! My new year.. nothing special. NY eve with 1 of my online friend and him, he’s home early that day.. he promised to company me. My wish for 2010 is to meet him and for along holiday.. that is my aim rite now.

 Wow…we really going to be 10 yrs… how we going to celebrate it?? Do u remember the actual day? Normally we using Shane b’day for our day, cos is easy to remember. We been thinking the same idea, staying in the hotel and we have fun, I see whether I call Sharon or not.. still not sure yet. We still have another yr to go.

Why you so ‘cham’…need to work during PH and without OT some more..why the management cant afford to pay u meh?? How many of you is going to Cyberjaya to work??? Kesian you lah.

 You going to HK again in CNY all b’cos of HINS. Why didn’t u tell me earlier that you going cos I wanted to go too but not for concert loh. I need company to go actually and I’m not familiar with the place. Who u going with? Friends or u alone? Well, I guess u already told ur mum by now? What her reaction when u told her? Since I have a week holiday during NY, I’m thinking of going somewhere instead of staying at home or visiting…bosannya!!! If I intend to go HK will u company me?? So nice u can celebrate valentines and NY with HINS…happy lah.. I ‘ll be celebrate it with him…(I guess) due to our time different. Ohya !!! I received his x-mas gift on NY eve, he sending me a pendant and a card. You don’t want to know what he wrote in the card…is so romantic leh…hehe!!!! And fridge magnet that I requested.

 Actually I intend to go this year to HK …to meet him. He told me he has  a crappy, stressful and tiring at work. I more thing he told me is that he don’t think he can last much longer without me, he need me, frustrated and doubtful it will never happen. He hate being this lonely and unhappy knowing he have someone to spend his life with. When he told me that… I was speechless.. don’t know what to said. So I told him to send me some money, so I could get a tix, but he don’t have that much as well. He said we could meet somewhere…like HK, Vancouver, Hawaii or some other places. I remember one of my friend is going in april, so I ask him whether he could get leave? Till now, he haven’t get back to me.. but I know the answers , that he’s not going…LL My friend is going with her hubby and son. Don’t worry, that why my friend ask me to follow if I want least I have company. I told him that if he couldn’t make it, we could met up another year, we could see each other thru cam, but not much lately, since he busy with his overtime.. he work hard for the money…save more . I know I’ll be disappointed if we didn’t and I;m the one who suggest this..otherwise he’ll keep on asking me about it. He said…he cant wait for another year, it got to be this year…but…still no news yet…….i decided to go Melbourne alone, is been 9 yrs I haven’t been there, feel like going again…. Sorry, u listen to all my nonsense…but I just want to voice out that all…

Why suddenly add another idol huh??? Actually, I didn’t see that singing competition, sometime when they on the programme , just see see only. Yeap , I did notice the vid clip that u post in fb and ur profil mostly in I didn’t put any comment loh.

My dear, u wont feel sorry for all ur other idol ar??? I don’t have any more idol beside westlife, but I do buy album fr other artistes, when I find the songs is nice or download it, but usually I ask Sharon to do it..hehe!!! I won’t said you crazy lah but don’t get into it…that all !!! but I know that what u enjoy it most. You can fly every where to meet them, u fly to HK to meet HINS (I lost count…leh) then to Korea to see ‘OPPA’( lost count too) but westlife and Ronan u never been loh..(very sad rite) any other that I left out???

Why suddenly change to 15 songs instead of 10 ar? Anyway here my 15 songs but MY LOVE also my no#1 too…yeah!!!! All my dream will take me there, where the sky a blue, I see you once again

  1. MY LOVE
  10. MANDY
  11. CLOSE
  15. HOME

Oh!!! Top 3 from the latest album.. 1. AS LOVE IS MY WITNESS 2. LEAVING  3. NO MORE HEROES…..those lyrics is so meaningful. I’ll see you again…also nice…but those are my top 3…

My favourite MTV r :

  1. MY LOVE
  9. HOME

Well, that about it…all my favourite songs. I hope you like the present that I get it 4 u, u can use it when going to HK, and I’m waiting for your story when u back then. Have a nice trip and enjoy ur concert, valentine and new year with HINS.


Love always

-daphne- (24th jan 10)

letter to kent…………..


Is what i need to tell him in my letter..and gift for valentine……

My love,

All I see when I close my eyes is YOU. I see you in my dreams. I keep wishing you were here. You’re everywhere to me whenever I see a happy couple the emptiness is more profound. I cannot forget the first time we see each other thru webcam.

I look at your picture and smile…when I ‘m down all I need is one word from you and I’m smiling thru the day. U make me  smile… you know me inside out the way I know you.

I’m a bit disappointed that I can’t actually met you even though we wanted to meet each other but money is the cost of everything.. no matter how hard we try. I want you to save more or get a better loan next year or later in the summer. U working hard now day… u tired when u get home..we didn’t talk much lately although we have cam now, we don’t see each other often either.*sigh* Is seen every thing far apart….and it wouldn’t be the same as last time..Every morning and night I’m waiting for your txt msg too.

You are all the matters to me and cherish. I always dream that one day you could give me a surprise. I wanted to share everything with and I yearned to have someone close … to share things with and to live my life with……just like the poem ……………u are my last stop!!! ( for me)

Anyway, happy valentine to you.. will try to call you when I can.. is almost 2 months I didn’t call, will txt u first before I call. Enclosed herewith an angpow packets with money (don’t throw it away, lol) and a purse. Hope you like the present. I wish the purse will make you to save more and every thing that u wish for will come true…. Remember, that I always love you and miss you soooo much.

Enjoy ur holiday…u won’t be on most of the time..

                                                                                                                       Love always


every second after the first… I DREAM of YOU
everyday passing that first…
I hope to spent my life with YOU…
true love dreams do come true
the DREAM i have to LIVE with YOU…

true HOPE of everlasting LOVE
with the promises made…
with all that i have
i am willing to give…
i PROMISE you this…
MY FIRST TRUE LOVE…shall be my last…
again…remember what i said to you my love…

 send to him on wed….27th when i out to jj

Dear diary on 24th jan

I couldn’t sleep in the morning, bout 4am, i think of sending him an email, but I saw him online. I’m not going to approach him, but he didn’t talk to me for awhile… and our conversation …..   


hey baby, you there? awake


hi dear..yea, i’m


how come youre awake at 4am,


i cant sleep


what are you doing on your busy weekend?


helping out my mum , lot of thing need to do b4 new year, i hate when it come to n.y


how come?


lot of thing to do..making cookies, cleaning the house, and im doing all by myself, my mum wait for me to take leave


well thats not good


to help her with other things, that why i hate it\


when is it going to be the other family members come and help, im tired of hearing you do everything and being taken advantage of


u were busy urself too rite


ive been busy working, and then sleeping is all, its not like i wasnt thinking of you

ive been busy trying to do things here to not be bored either


but i feel like it`, is been aweek we didint chat


you could of messaged me too, ive been looking for you, its your computer not working, ive been on many times


i do,  i did on during working hours , but is not long, when i didnt see u on, i off it


i look for you on msn and skype, your computer either not working or youre busy, i try to be on but ive been sleeping a lot as well trying not to get sick and very stressed out as well


im on msn every morning, not really busy but boss come in early, need to off after an hrs or more, i dont want him to know that im online


well im sorry things arent working out lately, but things happen when we are far apart, i dont want to feel guity for not being able to talk to you, ok


some time, i feel we are far apart, like every thing change


we are sweety, but i dont want to be blamed for it, i can help it sometimes ok, and niether can you, we either have to live with it or do something about it, nothings changed how i feel if you think it has then you must be changing


im not changing at all


then why do you think i am?


i didnt say that either


yes you did in not so many words, im doing everything in my power to stay happy and to make you happy, but i feel sometimes that its not that way because im supposedly not there for you when you need me, I CANT HELP IT


either do i


idk what to do anymore, i just want you here, end of story


as i say i want that to..but money is the cost of everything, im trying my best to save up. and so do u


i know and its not working, and i feel the pressure from myself to be with you and the pressure you give me sometimes for not being there, i just want us together and im frustrated


im not giving u any pressure, but we do need each other ,when we unhappy, stress and      


yep, anyways we will work it out sometime, you try to go back to sleep my love, i love you and miss you and enjoy the rest of your weekend


Ok, i love you and miss you too


i won tbe on til after 9pm my time tom night going out with friends fir football playoffs


u enjoy ur weekend as well


text me later or i ll text you soon




go to sleep and dont worry or be upset


i trying not to think about it


ok, gnite



Dear diary on 22nd jan

After the incident on that day..  I didn’t chat with him at all..not even email or txt msg. I know he is on but I just doesn’t wanted to talk.. I’m still upset. I put in my profile in fb..saying that “fall sick liao”… he txt me in his morning asking me I’m okie or sick again.. he been okie..and we will talk tonight… I love you..i just reply ok, love him too..I did bring my laptop today, he txt in the morning saying he be on in a while, taking a nap, but I ask him to txt me when he on. I did on and off my laptop but he still not on either.. I send him a txt msg, whether he still asleep. He only reply me bout 12.10pm, he sleep thru everything, and he’s sorry !!!! I told him I don’t feel go forget bout it.

I’m having a terrible headache..could be migraine. I did post in my fb profile too. I really feel not rite today. Boss did come in for a while, asking me to pay his premium. In the afternoon, that teacher come to submit a case just a the client name and that it, and asking me to pay for premium as well.. I have really no mood and I tell her, why can’t u pay for urself.. she told me a lot of ppl, which I know she laying, cos that day really not many ppl at all. I really not happy, and my boss asking me to go downstair to send cheque to his client, he know that I don’t feel good. Im not happy when he ask me to, but I force to go, and I really take my own sweet time to go down. The medicine is not working at all, I take another one when I get home and sleep early.. and needing to wake up early on sat morning, to help my mum. *sigh* he didn’t txt me but I did txt him, he been out, tt me soon, I love you..that bout it.. Later in the afternoon, I post something on fb again,… ‘busy weekend, keep myself busy, don’t want to think something that didn’t exsist or won’t be happening’.