The wonder of YoU

As I am here sitting on my laptop
I am wondering where you are
Asking myself… Why I am thinking you
Since the start

We are miles apart, I know
But how wonderful knowing
You love me there too
Your love so sweet and true

Sweetheart, as the days passed by
I am just here gazing the skies
Wondering what made me cry
Knowing you love me that much

Maybe it’s just the wonder of you
Making me sad until teardrops fall
From the eyes you keep watching by
Sadness that turns into happiness
Knowing we are just miles apart
And you will be coming
To comfort my heart

It’s the nearness of you
That makes me wonder
Why until now I keep waiting by
Though I know coming here
By my side is not an instant glow

Loving, caring and being truthful
For you is not an easy task
‘Coz we are that far
Yet I can love you this much
That’s the wonder of loving you

Trip to S’pore

Going to S’pore on friday 28th May 2010… Wesak Day.

Actually, I can ‘t wait for it cos I really want a holiday badly. Thank to Kuan and Karen for asking and Sharon company.
Waiting in Meng Kee at 5.30am, is a VIP bus with 27 seats from Mewah…very comfortable. Well, we all sitting in a different place, cos we didnt vote.. just 8 of us. I was sitting with Rebecca, we do have a chat on the way. Stop at the restroom in Rompin b4 7am…heading to Yong Peng 4 breakfast, the tour guide is very noise, talking none stop. Check in M’sia and S’pore customs. My query at S’pore custom is horrible b’cos of the officer..looking up and down..she terrible…*gosh*

We reach at the casino b4 11am…that was early, not much ppl at the time. we were there for 2 hrs including lunch. The place is huge + beautiful.. although the food is not nice but is cheap… have free coffee and tea and mineral water. Lam did play jackpot and won $101, we just walk around cos I don’t gamble..looking for food after that. Almost 2pm we going for a walk the weather is terrible hot,hot and hot.. we took a lot of photo, buying some bread at Break talk- where we can find it in midvalley-hahaha!!!!! That only I start using my $50 that the time i change otherwise i didn’t get anything at all. Later, we heading to the convention hall just to have a look and rest till 4pm… get some bread again, bathroom then waiting for the tour guide. We meet 3 handsome strangers while we taking photo -where they were swimming at the opposite pools…they look cool *mmmmmmm* i wonder which 1 is handsome leh…but we dont have time to talk with them , sad izzit ???
we leave S’pore at 5pm, customs again then we going to have our dinner, and heading home . Reach home almost 10.30pm.
What a day!!!! but we do enjoying ourselves, Thank for the wonderful trip….. * adios*

other comment…..

Dear DAPHNE GAN, Your inspirational quote for Today is :
“My sole inspiration is a telephone call from a director. (Cole Porter)”

Heather comment : that is sooooo funny! i love it! i hope you are smiling again, dear beautiful girl.

My comment : I am….(((hugs))), kisses

Another comment about E-Reader :—-
Me : when can i get one of those ????
Heather : there are many brands of these. but i love audiobooks, now have nearly 1000. I can listen while i do almost anything, and no eye fatigue!

Me :audiobooks?? i dont think is sell it here, i guess
Heather : daphne, if you have windows mobile on your phone, microsoft makes a free application so you can read ebooks on your phone. but audiobooks are wonderful, and you can listen to them on any mp3, or using your phone as an mp3 if you have that ability. who do you like to read? i can help you get audiobooks if you tell me who you like to read.

Heather : an audiobook is a book that someone has read aloud and recorded, so you can listen to the whole book on your mp3 or computer. it is WONDERFUL! tell me if you are interested and i will help you get some for free. YAY! NOW are you smiling???? hehehehehe
Me : I do read lot of books..from authors like Nicholas Spark, Judith McNaught, Julie Garwood and some other writer.. I prefer romance book though.
Do u be able to get it for me?? how is audiobooks work??
Me : I love too, have 1 of those, i thought of getting 1 of the e-reader, so i dont have to keep load of books, but i can see those screen is quite small, actually i still thinking whether im going to get it or not.

my day…..

Boring…for this 2, but not that much… Call Kuan & Wong about Akmal wedding on 6th June. Wong told me that she not going to get any present for him, if he didn’t come personal to delivery his wedding card… a agree with her though.. not just post in facebook.
Boss call y’terday asking me to check policy that don’t belong to him . Need to ask Customer Services, which , of course I can do, but is depend who is going to serve me. I wrote a msg in my profile : *sigh… *sigh*…..*sigh*………………..
Kuan comment : *why*…………why*……………………..*why*………………..????
My reply : kerja yang senang…jadi susah ler…apa lagi…geramnya.!!!!!
Heather comment :
think happy. happy thoughts come to happy people. sighs come to sighing people. turn it around girl! love and light and giggles and bubbles and rainbows and orchids and kittens and ice cream for you!
My comment : ermm, thank heather…just a a while, i ‘ll get over it…


Didnt go anywhere tis weekend, cleaning the house and Lily call- saying she coming to fetch me to go for a walk, online for a while, seeing him online, want to avoid him, so playing treasure isle. He post msg in his profile saying ::: is home drunk from Shaun’s bday,but had a great time, miss someone terribly though…she know!!! Gosh when i saw that msg, I feel like crying cos I miss him soooooo much, I know he mean “ME”.. actually, i want to see some comment from his friends but his female friends put a like up…
Online early today…comment on Eric message..that i post here earlier and I surprise that Thomas send me a msg, he didnt send me before, he told me that he like to meet me, cos im nice and if i ever go to Sweden give him a call… I really surprising.
One more thing is i did post a missing msg to him in my profile too is read :::Days go by so fast, not a day do I not think of you. Missing you is the hardest part of my days, my days without you..

my diary for the week..

Nothing much to do, feel boring, lucky Dan was here in the evening, cos Ila agents was here too.. don’t really like them now, even Ila going out with her boss to MAA. Dan ask me 2 call Aldgee- cos we want to go to her place- pass his wedding card and some clothes that Christine gave her, that was year ago, keeping in my boss room. He ask me whether I wanted to go- he’ll send me back after that, though of going out early but rain heavily- so we go out about 5.20pm, is easy to look for her place. we just go there 4 a while, then heading home, reach home at 6pm.. still raining tak berhenti henti..:((

After read a couple of pages of the books that i have read, online a little while..sleep early. Suddenly i feel like crying when I’m thinking of him again and what he told me. I just can’t figure it out why I’m still thinking of him but is just for a little while. About 10.45pm, Joey call.. saying she happy to received sms from me,that some ppl do remember her bday..she was so touching.
Going to TM this friday morning- to cancel my TM1515 and paid for the annual fees of RM24/=. The rest of the morning is boring.The agents is having training and ask Dan to bring his wedding photo, so i ask Lam to have a look too. Going out for lunch with them, need to get some fresh air..i couldnt breath. Leader meeting at 3.30pm, my boss doesnt want to go since no parking downstairs.. he ask me to go down and pass some thing to me, but he found parking later, he did attend for a little while. when i back from paying premium, he’s gone..that Ila told me.

Why I LoVe YoU…..

I look at you and find I cannot breathe
Your beauty always takes by breath away
And when you smile my heart will skip a beat
And I will feel a  warmth till end of day
Your laughter makes me want to sing out loud
And dance the dance of one
who knows no strife
And shout out words so every one will know
How love from you would so complete my life
I watch you move and I become entranced
Your grace is such a delight to  behold
It’s like I’m in a magic place and time
A place I want to stay if truth be told
And then there are the things harder to see
The kindness  I detect  in your blue eyes
The way you always try to do what’s right
The strength that when required will arise
It took some time for me to clearly see
These gifts that came to you from God above
How could I not have given you my heart
You are the one that I will  always  love