my diary for the week..

Nothing much to do, feel boring, lucky Dan was here in the evening, cos Ila agents was here too.. don’t really like them now, even Ila going out with her boss to MAA. Dan ask me 2 call Aldgee- cos we want to go to her place- pass his wedding card and some clothes that Christine gave her, that was year ago, keeping in my boss room. He ask me whether I wanted to go- he’ll send me back after that, though of going out early but rain heavily- so we go out about 5.20pm, is easy to look for her place. we just go there 4 a while, then heading home, reach home at 6pm.. still raining tak berhenti henti..:((

After read a couple of pages of the books that i have read, online a little while..sleep early. Suddenly i feel like crying when I’m thinking of him again and what he told me. I just can’t figure it out why I’m still thinking of him but is just for a little while. About 10.45pm, Joey call.. saying she happy to received sms from me,that some ppl do remember her bday..she was so touching.
Going to TM this friday morning- to cancel my TM1515 and paid for the annual fees of RM24/=. The rest of the morning is boring.The agents is having training and ask Dan to bring his wedding photo, so i ask Lam to have a look too. Going out for lunch with them, need to get some fresh air..i couldnt breath. Leader meeting at 3.30pm, my boss doesnt want to go since no parking downstairs.. he ask me to go down and pass some thing to me, but he found parking later, he did attend for a little while. when i back from paying premium, he’s gone..that Ila told me.

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