Magic Cure for Stress

“Let nature perform its magic.”

There are times when we feel pressured by life. Deadlines are looming, household appliances suddenly break, we’re sleep deprived, or people put unexpected pressures on us. We feel temporarily overwhelmed. We desperately tread water, yet the waves come in relentlessly.

It’s time for a mental break!

When your mind is racing, or you’re close to tears with tiredness and frustration, you need to go within and listen to your inner wisdom. To get in touch with your inner self, seek nature.

Leave the mess that is strewn across the living room floor, walk away from the computer and its ever amassing emails. Go outside. Do nothing. Consciously become aware of your senses. Listen to the noises around you, feel the surface you are sitting, standing, or lying on, smell the scents and aromas around you, see dispassionately what is before you. Escaping into your primary senses temporarily stops thinking and eases stress.

Leave your inner chaos behind and experience the magic of nature today.

©Jane Powell – Meditations for Women

Today’s Affirmation: I seek nature to ease my stress.

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